Samantha Ngoe

Rookie (11-12-97 / Riverdale MD)

Biography of Samantha Ngoe

im 14years old. i love 2 write. started in 5th grade. stop at 6th grade. started again in 7th grade. writing helps me express wat i dont want 2 express 2 others. i love my writing cuz im pickiy about my words cuz they make the poems and the about writing wat i feel and how it impacks other it may shock them or hit them hard but its about my words my life my stories and my poems. so i land in a world of creation. a world of my belives. my pain. my sadness. and my heatbreaks.

Samantha Ngoe's Works:

im have not published a book but im working on 2 differnt books. and maybe i can get them publish we will have 2 see Updates

Its 2 Quite

No birds singing
No cars passing
No kids laughing
No music playing
No phone ringing
No sounds
or nosiy
I guess im alone in the world
Or im just sound deaf

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