Samuel Alfred Beadle

(1857-1932 / the USA)

Biography of Samuel Alfred Beadle

Samuel Alfred Beadle (born August 17, 1857, in Atlanta, Georgia, died 1932, in Chicago, Illinois) was an American poet and writer. After the Civil War, Beadle moved to Jackson, Mississippi, where he studied law and began the practice of law.

Samuel Alfred Beadle's Works:

* Sketches from Life in Dixie (Chicago: Scroll Publishing and Literary Syndicate, 1899)
* Lyrics of "The Underworld" (Jackson, Mississippi: W.A. Scott, 1912) Updates

My Country

My Country Thou dearer and grander than all other earth,
With clime sweet and balmy, fair land of my birth;
May valiant thy youth grow, more stalwart, more brave,
Till ne’er a poor laggard, nor coward, nor slave
Is seen in thy valleys, nor met on thy hills,
Where babbles the brook, or the bright dew distills.

Oh, Country of mine! May thy humblest son be
Ever true to thy genius, 'brave, happy and free.'

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