Sandra jacks

Rookie (1991 / arizona)

Biography of Sandra jacks

I know I wont become famous for my poems, and I know no one will probably ever read this biography, however I've decided to do a short figment of my life.I'm christian now, but not always was. When i was younger I was stupid, and hurt by life a lot, so I became suicidal, and drank and...was careless of myself.I wish I knew then what I know now.Anyways here I am, alive and just going through life, I've come to realize that lately I've been in a kind of trance where I feel stuck and this is all life has to offer, So I chose to control my own future now, this world no longer has rights to me and making me hopeless, This is my dream and I chose where to go from here.

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There is a voice within her
but not a sound she makes
they say shes a hopeless measure
truth be told
she knows the way

They try to tell her
speak her mind
speak the truth
stop hiding the lies

but she won't say
won't use her perfect voice
she decided
years ago
to be the silence

in the noise.

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