Sandra Kelley

Rookie (May 27,1999 / Waco, Texas)

Biography of Sandra Kelley

Umm.... I write poems, I dont think Im good but people say I am. Im 14. Im taken <3. two of my older brothers write poetry, my boyfriend does to, as well as my dad. I would like to serve in the navy, my older brother Shawn is serving in the navy as a CTR. I have two dogs. one is a Chihuahua mix and the other is a Chihuahua. I read some manga and watch anime. I listen to different kinds of music. I love poems! ! ! my nickname is Angel ^_^ i love animals. I LOVE the rain, chocolate, mythology, wolves, and the night sky like the moon and stars. So thats a bit about me, Thanks

Sandra Kelley's Works:

Come and Find Me, If You Can; My Dangerous Hero; Oh, Now You Want Me? ; A long Trip Alone Updates


What is Red?
is it the soft embarrassed blush
or is it
the deep dark blush on your cheeks when you see him
or when your happy

The Mother of pink
A color of a beautiful rose

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