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i am a girl aged 14. i go to our own english high school abu dhabi. i have an elder sister; the sweetest sister you can ever imagine. i crave for a brother but unfortunately doesnt have one. i hail from india, kerala, canannore. i have a big family full of loving relatives. my best friend is sofia. the poem 'she left' is written for her. writing has influenced me a lot after it got published in a weekly magazine that is published in the united arab emirates namely 'young times'. the joy i feel when i write is boundless. i have written a lot of poems and stories and some of my favorites are the one that i have posted in the net. i am a good athlete as well as a writer. my sister is my biggest encouraging rope of hope. she helps me a lot in writing and so am very thankfull to her. my teacher, mrs.chitra has also her part in helping me write. my life moves around my sister, my mother and my father.

i write emotional poems mostly.....but let me tell you.....EXEPT FOR ONE OR TWO POEMS.....NONE OTHERS ARE WRITTEN BECAUSE OF EXPERIENCE....i atill have my mother, my dad didnt go away, and i am not a lost person....i am not hated by everyone...i am not abused.....nothing like that happens in my life is really good...i write poems like those because i am a writer who likes to write down imaginations and about people who can't leave a beautiful life like i have....

again....i am telling you.... I LOVE MY LIFE...AND MY POEMS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH MY LIFE! Updates

Unfair Life

My life is so unfair
It is worse than a spider’s
If I go to school from home
The teacher asks me “where’s your mom”
They treat me like a kid
Like I am kept for fun

In home it’s my dad
He asks me how much I got for maths

[Hata Bildir]