Treasure Island

Sanjay Kamlakar

Poems of Sanjay Kamlakar

1. Beyond Eternity 3/25/2012
2. Journey to the Lord.. 3/27/2012
3. Rainbow Shower 3/27/2012
4. Sing a little song! 3/27/2012
5. The Parting 3/25/2012

Journey to the Lord..

If I were a blind would you be my light?
If I were a deaf would you be my voice?
Lord you are so sweet, as a baby n her smile,
So why should I mourn and why should I sigh?
If I couldn't walk, could you take me too far?
Don't take me too far, I'm scared of the stars,
The stars are stars, coz they shine O' Sun,
If I weep inside, would you take me to Moon?

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