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Rookie (8-19-1985 / Florida)

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I like to read and get new ideas, I draw and paint, I'm starting to get into Photography. I write short stories, poetry and just random things that i think about. I'm in the middle of a couple of scripts and another book.

sara pounds's Works:

In the process of publishing 'The best of my yesterday' and i have another one called Twisted up: A book of plays. Then I have a biography book called: I never thought. Any one of these I'm interested in publishing, so i'm still working on that. Updates

With A Broken Smile

She always had trouble with herself and the effects she had on everyone else-
With the broken smile she had on her face, she hides her pain-
The views she sees will not help her in any way-
Sorry for all the bad things he will say, for they tend not to mean anything-
Doesn't know how to deal, so she sleeps all day-
Every time she falls she can not help it-
She feels worthless and unable to breathe-
It's just words she will try to speak, as she can not see-
She once ran to be free, but it

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