Treasure Island

Sarah Barron

Poems of Sarah Barron

1. ‘Til There Was You 6/25/2008
2. Find The Joy In Everything You Do 7/16/2008
3. Love & Laughter 6/25/2008
4. My Hearts Desire 6/25/2008
5. Stolen Moments 6/25/2008
6. The Disgarded Garden 6/4/2008
7. To Know You 6/25/2008
8. To Simply Be Happy 6/4/2008
9. Tu Eres Mi Gran Amor 7/16/2008
10. Ungarded Love 6/25/2008
11. Water 2/2/2009

The Disgarded Garden

Their once was a young man who wanted to become a Gardner. There once was a young Rose Tree that wanted a Gardener. They met each other one summer day and began what seemed to be a beautiful relationship. The Gardner was attentive of his garden along with his Rose Tree and the Rose Tree was so happy that its tender branches grew and it bloomed continuously for the Gardner so he’d always be happy.

As time went by the Rose Tree noticed that Gardner wouldn’t tend to her as much as he once di

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