Saudatu Kabir

Saudatu Kabir Poems

1. Smiling Baby In A Crib 12/17/2009
2. Obey Your Lord 12/17/2009
3. My Heart's Epistle 12/17/2009
4. The Fulani Herdsman 12/18/2009
5. Rain 12/18/2009
6. Bundle Of Joy.....1 12/18/2009
7. Bundle Of Joy.......2 12/18/2009
8. The World I Live In 12/27/2009
9. Books 12/28/2009
10. Diamonds In The Sky 12/18/2009
11. Woman 12/18/2009
12. Our Taleof Everlasting Love 12/28/2009
13. Loss Of A Loved One 12/18/2009
14. Sweet Words 12/17/2009
15. Flicker Of Hope 12/18/2009
16. Loneliness 12/18/2009
17. Educate Woman 12/18/2009
18. Money 12/18/2009
Best Poem of Saudatu Kabir


Money is precious money is power
Money is a devil cunning and evil
Source of war destruction of nations

Money causes hatred money unites
Money is lovely it attracts like a magnet
Cupboard love is given for money

Money is a master, it instructs we surrender
Money has rules we follow blindly
Cheating and stealing are done for money

Money gives power money gives respect
Money can earn you a stay in a coffin
Root of evil, source of happiness

Money is wonderful, money is Eden
Money is a murderer it kills like a cobra
Rejoice with money, cry ...

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Educate Woman

To educate a woman is to educate a nation
Do not deprive the woman of education
Do let her know what she is to mention
Wherever she goes throughout the nation

Let her use skill in estimation
Let her learn what is real; not hallucination
Give her a chance to get that that salutation
Which men do get because of education

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