Treasure Island

Savannah Allison

(August 21 1990)

Poems of Savannah Allison

61. Tears Of Blue-Written By Nicholas Cooper. 1/27/2007
62. The End Of The Rainbow 1/27/2007
63. The Innocent Children 2/2/2007
64. The Moon Princess 1/11/2007
65. The Secret Youve Wondered About 1/8/2007
66. The Sweetest Thing 1/25/2007
67. There You'll Be 1/30/2007
68. Twilights Child 1/12/2007
69. Twists and Turns 1/27/2007
70. Two Men 1/25/2007
71. Untitled 3/6/2008
72. What Happens Next? 1/30/2007
73. What I Want For You 2/2/2007
74. White Wedding 8/19/2008
75. Who Will Cry for Me? 4/10/2007
76. Wild and Untamed 1/20/2007
77. With You 1/10/2007
78. Write It Down 6/17/2010
79. You Give 1/7/2007
80. Your girl, Mommies betrayal 1/25/2007

Prove It

Its not so easy, loving me, I expect so much, thats its hard for people to see who I really am,

I might expect more than your willing to give, is that the way you want to live? Always reaching out to me, but having me want more.Can I ever be satisfied? Will I ever be happy?

Living in a world where not everything is perfect, is hard for someone who expects as much as I do, Do I offend you all that much? Have you ever even felt my love?

Because when I do its with all my heart, thats wh

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