Savio Vogt

Rookie (26th dec 1992. / India)

Biography of Savio Vogt

I'm a poet, writer and a general rights activists. I'm doing my B. Sc Physics in Chennai India.I love poetry and writing a lot of essays, regarding nature and day to day life.Sometimes I feel all alone in the house especially when holidays come.That's the time were I need to man up and do my responsiblites of my house, which I find a little irritating to do, yet! enjoy doing it.It is like dwelling in the dark sorrows and yet! happy dwelling in it! ! Yet! I love making new friends.I hope that one day all my poems come out in print form.As a writer I have learnt that rejections are disappointments that when met with we learn to improve our own original style of writings.My favourite poet is John Keats, and my favourite writer is Franz Kafka...My favourite Indian poet is Aagah Ali! Updates

The Milk Boy

Early in the morning do i see him riding
going from door to door delivering milk for someone's morning tea
even though it rains
in the shade he never remains
moves and moves till the earth's grooves
to earn his daily bread.
he comes on his simple cycle
and calls everyone aunty and uncle;
'do you want some milk? '

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