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Scarlet ..... Poems

1. Shadow Of A Lost Soul 3/18/2007
2. Is Happiness Worth All The Pain Of Getting There 3/18/2007
3. Painting Of A Girl 3/18/2007
4. The Truth 3/18/2007
5. The 'Whys' Of My Life 3/18/2007
6. Last Night I Died Inside 3/21/2007
7. Lost Without A Map 3/29/2007
8. The Answer 3/30/2007
9. What Will Happen? 4/2/2007
10. This Is Her Call Out To You 4/2/2007
11. Pain 4/4/2007
12. Happiness-The Feeling 4/4/2007
13. How Can He Keep Doing This 4/5/2007
14. Lost & Found 4/4/2007
15. Explosion-1 4/6/2007
16. Explosion-3 4/6/2007
17. One Thing 4/6/2007
18. Why Must We Hide? 4/6/2007
19. One Click 4/6/2007
20. Yes I'M Depressed But That Doesn'T Mean I Shouldn'T Be Happy 4/6/2007
21. Today Was The Worse 4/7/2007
22. How Could The Cure Have Found Me 4/7/2007
23. I Hurt Him: '( 4/8/2007
24. Searching 4/9/2007
25. Unnlocking The Mask 4/10/2007
26. Explosion-4 4/16/2007
27. The Beast Is Starting To Win 4/16/2007
28. Why Do I Feel Like This Agian? 4/16/2007
29. Sometimes 4/16/2007
30. The Beast Is Just Under My Skin 4/16/2007
31. No More Fear Of My Beast 4/17/2007
32. Stormy Sea 4/22/2007
33. No One Lasts Not Once They Have Seen Behind The Mask-1 4/22/2007
34. No One Lasts Not Once They Have Seen Behind The Mask-2 4/22/2007
35. He Says To Fight The Darkness 4/16/2007
36. Will It Get Worse First? 4/16/2007
37. Turn For The Worse 4/24/2007
38. Why Did I Give In? 4/24/2007
39. Fade Away Into The Darkness 4/24/2007
40. Pool Of Blood....My Blod 4/24/2007
Best Poem of Scarlet .....

Our Song

a song I never knew
has now become the song I can never forget
it is the song that can cure all
for I sit and listen to that song everyday
its reminds me of all the good
it reminds me of so much
for these lyrics I will never forget
for no matter how bad a day
all I have to do is hit play
and it will all be ok
with this one song I become
so peaceful
so happy
so relaxed
I never thought I would ever feel this calm
but now I do
because of this song
our song
the song that reminds me of you
of us
of love
of ...

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I stay up all night crying
just crying sand shaking
I’ve done so for the last four years
I wonder how many tears I’ve cried
how many more I’ll cry
will my eyes ever dry?
or will they cry forever

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