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sEaN nOrTh

(uPuTit - iNidiOt)

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sEaN nOrTh poet

FRESH DIRTY LAUNDRY using bio wash of course, go quick as im not im deaf...? ugh? scroll down? and 146 aint my shoe size..just saying.. or my zip code.... hmmmm..not that im good with his numbers like others, but so the
test said.. i just live with it.. believe me..

JuSt sOmE gUy... Mon nom est Xebeche.

? - you gonna haves 2do
ya own homewurk on that 1...
'o M g' (- Oh My Goooogle - :) ...
just asked gooogle...
dammmmm...guess lots of copy? cats...
made a mountain...of a molehill...
but if i just give you the answers
i'm a.......... dEaDmaN?

ps: ask ya local torrent down loader... i dUn KnOw, wiki leaks... ummm no... pedia um maybe... chase book..probably... ya da ya da ya

pps: the EnJOy oR DOnT..sadly and gladly and however how badly ya actions will show the do/dont part.. like the sun the moon...glow fIgA...

PPPS: the ENJoY or DonT...will still be ALL uP to LiTTLE Old YOU KNOW not my 'sCriBbLes, NO.....REAL....things.

? ? ?
like ur car payment n insurance and rent and food n clothing smart stuff electricity ready cash for more stuff
n ooooh wait you say he got u that covered so now you all got all that covered... hmmmmm or you dont say...realy...
well then, why so sour...and quick to bite? ? ? snakes?

and then of course...

as hALL WaYs KiDs, mY ThAnKs EcHo...DoWn yOur WaLLs... u nose who u b thnks n thnx.

a quickish ps: like any good scienquest, examining a space case, one heads to the observertory? and observe's, being most carefull of not slopping ones
personal bias into true science, were only by reproduceing the same result with the same material is claimed as the science of science?
tho xplAiNed In bACkYaRd MEcHaNicS,
aNd AS alUSIonEd @ bY ThE GrEat ScIenTest you DO kNOW
anything repeated the same way repeatedly is well mad ness ses...? ?

So I dO Er On SLiDe Of CaUitIon WheN rEfreNcing ThiS GuiDe tO thE WeIrd ScIenCes Of, GaL - X = c

and as being a being that i am being and being also being as beings are being, being beings are being so inconsistant and fickle an all well yeah..please i do try and don't have anything OF A PERSONEL nature
find its way in and blow the thesis...
if at best tRY aN ObseRvE Of WeIRd science's.gRAnTEd? (in SCrAWL ShOrtbacKhAnd n ScRiBBlEs, i failed YE OLDE POETY GUY 101, Thank the SWORD) not keep a diary or if i did it would be to burn @ Leisure..


Thanks n reaLy dO..hope, , yOu helP yOurSelF aNd Get HelP anD thIs DuZ help at least SomE oF this clears up your wish to see in my head with those tired old tried old gasses...
Like now u know. me.or sum shizzle... makes ya...
vIcArIuS FlY To ClOse To ThE Sun, n the HOLe GrrrEEK squad cant fix ya..

Luv you, so we can...enjoy or don't cos it's all You

and yeah lies... are killin terminal cancer
and now im your enemy... my pleasure..may the truth if anything hack you or me to peices..everytime... as the blood rises in that neck of ours and yeah ya whole face glows with the red light sighn of a dirty? area. i dont want to be king or queen of....thanks keep all your lies and that old trusty filthy disguise... may it serve you HeLL all your days and nights long as you choose. wierd hugh...and yeah you cleary do..

enjoy - dont..cos yeah see through is see through duz..already... long long long time.. It is on it playing dart board for the blessed ones...playing donkey for the pin suits ass they answer tales to their God? , karma scoreboard the donkey all day n night masters..may we have some more? ? ? please.. you know you got it in you..make that God of yours proud..realy realy egging you...

funny old sickness..hey..get well soon... a spoonfull of truth a day..hold your nose n swallow quickly... i know you cant stand the taste, , but
dammm........u need some real bad.. im just a friend
lord knows what he might say...

get ya head round this... cos your all so obvious..

love you...cos you do things that are right...and then you feel like likeable at least.? ? ? ..or yeah..keep
on this facade... u selling... yourself.....only. Updates

wHeLL WhELL well / dRy

tHeSe pEnS tEaCh

JuSt ThoUghT WhaT

uSe cRuMpLed

sO tO LiTtEr

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