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To The Immortal Memory Of The Halibut, On Which I Dined Th..

Where hast thou floated, in what seas pursued
Thy pastime? When wast thou an egg new spawned,
William Cowper

April, March! Soldiers Search for HUNGER MARCH - A1 Story

World has advanced in many days...
Yet in 21st Century poverty retains in umpteen ways;
Harindhar Reddy

April, March! Soldiers Search for HUNGER MARCH - A2 Story

Lot of hunger and empty bowl without food is poverty,
Not having one more dress to take bath is poverty,
Harindhar Reddy

April Rain! !

Drop, dropp and many drops
came dropping
d'menz veen

23 April 5: 48 a.m. Holland (Monologues For Three Persons ..

This time my eyes saw what I did.
I stole this too, but nobody noticed.
Niko Tiliopoulos

Poem Read At The Dinner Given To The Author By The Medical..

HAVE I deserved your kindness? Nay, my friends,
While the fair banquet its illusion lends
Oliver Wendell Holmes

The Famous Speech-Maker Of England Or Baron (Alias Barren)..

From London to Exon,
By special direction,
Jonathan Swift

The Idler’s Calendar. Twelve Sonnets For The Months. April

This morning, through my window, half awake,
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt

An Unplanned Love Never Doth Sway That Fine Day Of April O..

A walk around the park of the ever loving heart...
Brings back to thee mine ever loving romantic sweetheart.
Michael Gale

Elegie [Vaaren er kommen; den unge April beundres af Alle]

Emil Aarestrup


You and I and all of us in photographs will soon be long gone,
We can’t plan for our untimely deaths because it’s illegal and wrong,
James Bredin

CAN WE DO IT? ... APRIL 22ND,2013

How do we get a euthanasia-political-action-group?
So we can get death-with-dignity and stop going round the loop,
James Bredin

Secret Last Year (A Calendar Twelve-tone) [4. April, maybe]

The sun is made of many mysterious concepts
cowardly resentments with listless rotation
Adriano Spatola

On The Tombstone Of James Christopher Wilson (d. April 11,..

Thou our beloved and light of Earth hast crossed
The sea of darkness to the yonder shore.
George Meredith

A SPEECH, MADE TO the Kings Maiestie comming in his Progre..

High Iove, with all the gods together met,
To see (great King) thy comming to this Town,
John Ashmore

April Rain Song

Let the rain kiss you
Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops
Langston Hughes

It was an April morning: fresh and clear

It was an April morning: fresh and clear
The Rivulet, delighting in its strength,
William Wordsworth

Always Marry An April Girl

Praise the spells and bless the charms,
I found April in my arms.
Ogden Nash

An April Day

When the warm sun, that brings
Seed-time and harvest, has returned again,
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


No one's despair is like my despair--
You have no place in this garden
Louise Gluck

Elegy in April and September

Hush, thrush! Hush, missen-thrush, I listen...
I heard the flush of footsteps through the loose leaves,
Wilfred Owen


If you had come away with me
into another state
William Carlos Williams

April Love

We have walked in Love's land a little way,
We have learnt his lesson a little while,
Ernest Christopher Dowson


The roofs are shining from the rain.
The sparrows tritter as they fly,
Sara Teasdale

Wet Evening in April

The birds sang in the wet trees
And I listened to them it was a hundred years from now
Patrick Kavanagh

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