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Secret Last Year (A Calendar Twelve-Tone) [4. April, Maybe]

The sun is made of many mysterious concepts
cowardly resentments with listless rotation
Adriano Spatola

The Idler’s Calendar. Twelve Sonnets For The Months. April

This morning, through my window, half awake,
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt

April, March! Soldiers Search For Hunger March - A2 Story

Lot of hunger and empty bowl without food is poverty,
Not having one more dress to take bath is poverty,
Harindhar Reddy

A Showcase For Ph Poets: April 2015: Section 'A'.... [shar..

I’ve started a 'showcase' on my PoemHunter site,
which is NOT a contest; it’s no arena for a fight,
Bri Edwards

A Speech, Made To The Kings Maiestie Comming In His Progre..

High Iove, with all the gods together met,
To see (great King) thy comming to this Town,
John Ashmore

April, March! Soldiers Search For Hunger March - A1 Story

World has advanced in many days...
Yet in 21st Century poverty retains in umpteen ways;
Harindhar Reddy

Tribute To Dance On World Dance Day -Dance- Evolution To..

29 April 2015
Dance- Evolution to Innovation
Umasree Raghunath

April Showers Bring May Snow

Spring had time of grass and trees,
Dirt with weeds ingrained and intertwined.
Casey Gochnour

The March: November 1864 - April 1865

Sherman's March to the Sea
is no longer just a phrase.
Frank Avon

April Counting Song

One, one:
The sky's undone,
Patti Masterman

Fog And Haze In April(Two Pairs Of Couplets)

★ Fog and Haze in April(Two Pairs of Couplets)
☆ Quatrain & Translation by Luo Zhihai (1954-, China)
Luo Zhihai


The tulips now are pushing up
Like small green knuckles through the ground.
Eunice Tietjens

Apart From Next April Fifteenth Xx Xxx Xx Improvisa..

Charlotte, N. c.28269
Original 08 30 2015
Lee Mack

A Very Special Day (April 21,2009)

I know this day is so special to you,
Today I see the sky so quiet and blue;
Bernard F. Asuncion

April 15th

I was out of a soul
that could live, love and feel
Asma Khan

April 28

I woke up that morning
And the bed was gone
Miguel Molina

The Ice Maiden's Spell: A Collaboration With The Poet Apri..

Tis a wicked spell from this maiden fell
dangerous tales tell of this icy belle
Richard Allen Beevor

Aprils At Home

In the spring season's mornings,
when the exotic flowers blooms;
Along Bar

April Showers To Summers Sun (Written By My Friend Nick Br..

From April showers to summer, s sun
Nobody knows when it is the last one
Jenny Barton

Untitled Titles Collaboration With Aprilrn1210

I took you to the turning point,
where sunlight shines all through,
Richard Allen Beevor

April Fools

He talks ill of her when she is not around,
When he should worship wherever she steps on the ground,
Jennie Renee Sparrow

To You April!

I feel that I'll have a little tender angel,
I believe that she'd bring joy and happiness to me and others,
Archie Avidity

April Snow

It was early April, a few springs ago,
When in the UK, we had some late snow.
Angela Wybrow

Whether At April

Pure joy comes
Everlasting memories occupy one's mind.
Emmanuel Missebezi

Fog And Haze In April Envelop Northland

Fog and haze in April envelop Northland
Luo Zhihai

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