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Hymn Written For The Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Of The Reorg..

OUR Father! while our hearts unlearn
The creeds that wrong thy name,
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Boston Marathon Enough Already! What About Women In The Mi..

Starting 2014 The Boston Marathon could be covered by Drones,
But who will cover female military personnel when left all alone,
Luke Easter

The Heathrow Wine Party? versus The Boston Tea Party?

Union bargaining in good faith without judicial interference?
That sounds clumsy in respect to 'Taxation without representation'.
Joe Rosochacki

On the Amtrak from Boston to New York City

The white woman across the aisle from me says 'Look,
look at all the history, that house
Sherman Alexie

A Story for Rose on the Midnight Flight to Boston

Until tonight they were separate specialties,
different stories, the best of their own worst.
Anne Sexton

A Boston Ballad, 1854

TO get betimes in Boston town, I rose this morning early;
Walt Whitman

Boston Massacre

Boston Massacre
It’s a crisp spring day
Alfred Ramos


Sicut Patribus, sit Deus Nobis)
The rocky nook with hilltops three
Ralph Waldo Emerson


St. Botolph's Town! Hither across the plains
And fens of Lincolnshire, in garb austere,
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Boston Hymn

The word of the Lord by night
To the watching Pilgrims came,
Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Ballad Of The Boston Tea-Party

Read at a meeting of the Massachusetts Historical Society.
No! never such a draught was poured
Oliver Wendell Holmes

The Boston Tea Party

The moment we wake up
Before we put on our war-paint make up
Robert Sheridan

Banned in Boston

Read me.
Let Holden Caulfield erase graffiti
Roy Blokker

The Boston Patriotic Song

Ye sons of Columbia who bravely have fought,
For those rights which unstain'd from your sires have descended.
Thomas Paine

Of Boston in New England

Oh Boston, though thou now art grown
To be a great and wealthy town,
William Bradford

The Boston Athenaeum

Thou dear and well-loved haunt of happy hours,
How often in some distant gallery,
Amy Lowell

A City Called Boston.

Im on my way to boston
over the seven seas
Steven Harris

Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party
the Americans dumped tea in the sea
Suchoon Mo_

Boston Marathon

Most people run, either hunting or being hunted.
I, Stelios, as a boy in Paphos used to run barefoot.
Joseph S. Josephides

Peter Rugg the Bostonian

The mare is pawing by the oak,
Louise Imogen Guiney

On My Way To Boston

Marigolds sway behind the vine-clad lattice.
John Lars Zwerenz

Boston On My Mind

What a bright sunny day, the day long awaited for glory,
What a day set aside for long distance runners the world over to showcase their talents,

Boston Blast

Ye cannot cut my wings
With the scissor of fear
Aftab Alam


There are many who plot to destroy America
Who can’t tolerate how we think, pray or believe.
Tom Zart

The Boston Bomber.

The Boston Bomb. (The runner trains alongside the bomber)
Training to one day complete the race,
Tony Mushrow

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