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Herman Melville :
"He's asleep, ain't he?" "With kings and counsellors," murmured I.
[Herman Melville (1819-1891), U.S. author. "Bartleby" (1853), The Piazza Tales and Other Prose Pieces 1839-1860, The Writings of Herman Melville, vol. 9, eds. Harrison Hayford, Alma A. MacDougall, and G. Thomas Tanselle (1987). An exchange prompted by Bartleby's death.]
Herman Melville :
How thou faintest for thy children, torn from thy soil, to till a stranger's.
[Herman Melville (1819-1891), U.S. author. Mardi (1849), ch. 168, The Writings of Herman Melville, vol. 3, eds. Harrison Hayford, Hershel Parker, and G. Thomas Tanselle (1970). Spoken by Yoomy, the poet, about Africa ("Hamora").]
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Zora Neale Hurston :
Ah done growed ten feet higher from jus' listenin' tuh you, Janie. Ah ain't satisfied wid mahself no mo'.
[Zora Neale Hurston (1891-1960), African-American novelist, short story writer, folklorist, playwright and anthropologist. Phoeby, in Their Eyes Were Watching God, ch. 20, J.P. Lippincott (1937).]
Miguel De Cervantes :
Tell me thy company, and I'll tell thee what thou art.
[Miguel De Cervantes (1547-1616), Spanish author. Sancho Panza, in Don Quixote, pt. 2, bk. 3, ch. 23 (1615), trans. by P. Motteux and J. Ozell. Sancho is quoting a proverb.]
Willa Cather :
I ain't got time to learn. I can work like mans now.
[Willa Cather (1873-1947), U.S. novelist. Antonia, in My Antonia, book I, ch. XVII (1918; rev. 1926). The Bohemian farm girl proudly declares her priorities to the censorious narrator, Jim Burden.]
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Mark Twain [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] :
Hain't we got all the fools in town on our side? and ain't that a big enough majority in any town?
[Mark Twain [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835-1910), U.S. author. The king, in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, ch. 26 (1885).]
Charles Beaumont :
That ain't snow, Mike. That's angel hair. We done died and gone to heaven.
[Charles Beaumont (1930-1967), U.S. screenwriter, and Edward Bernds. Lt. Turner (Patrick Waltz), Queen of Outer Space, looking at the landscape from their crash site (1958). From a story by Ben Hecht (1893-1964); real name Charles Nutt.]
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Fran Lebowitz :
Airplanes are invariably scheduled to depart at such times as 7:54, 9:21 or 11:37. This extreme specificity has the effect on the novice of instilling in him the twin beliefs that he will be arriving at 10:08, 1:43 or 4:22, and that he should get to the airport on time. These beliefs are not only erroneous but actually unhealthy.
[Fran Lebowitz (b. 1950), U.S. humorist. Social Studies, ch. 16 (1981).]
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John Dos Passos :
In dis world dey's many folks think dey's alive as ain't alive. Dey's alive accordin' to de whited sepulchers o' de world and dead accordin' to de sperits o' de prophets. It's dem dey ought to cart away in hearses, brethren! It's dem dat's felt tingle within 'em de breath o' de Lawd, like a bird, like a maukin' in de woods, a song full o' warm honey, and all de same ain't follered de call, but has carried deir sperits in a hearse at de end o' de parade of de pomp o' de world. Hit's dem dat dade! Hit's dem dat's dade!
[John Dos Passos (1896-1970), U.S. novelist, poet, playwright, painter. Originally performed as The Moon Is A Gong in 1925 by the Harvard Dramatic Club. John Lincoln, the butler in The Garbage Man, pt. 1, sc. 3, Three Plays, Harcourt, Brace and Company (1934).]
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Mark Twain [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] :
I have found out that there ain't no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.
[Mark Twain [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835-1910), U.S. author. Tom Sawyer Abroad, ch. 11 (1894).]
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