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Beryl Dov :
Foolish Passion of My Youth Poetry was the foolish passion of my youth, forsaken for twenty years to raise a family. Now I've returned to poetry and miraculously, my foolish passion raises me. Time Time's a thief with wings, stealing more than it brings. Laureates Not all laureates are wreathed, not all honors are bequeathed. War There is no war without the shedding of blood, Which begins with a scratch and ends with a flood. Nature's Prayer Trees gesticulate in morning prayer; wind circulates with cleansing air. Diana Sporting a Remington Sendero SF II Over one shoulder hung a rifle, over the other swung a brace of pheasants; She was a no-nonsense breed of sniper, a viper with no time for fangs of conscience. Harlem P.O.V. Everything outside Harlem's the boondocks, where hayseeds opt out of Nikes for Reeboks. Time vs. Eternity I measure time by your absence; timelessness by your presence. Let's Revive the Couplet Loosen your tie, unbutton your doublet, Let's toast to the spirit and wit of the couplet. Romantic Couplet I swear, only this I know to be true, Who needs the fair promise of heaven when I have you. or let's take it a notch more Shakespearean: I swear'st, I know only this and cannot disavow, Who needs heaven's fair promise when I hast thou. or let's take it a notch more Brooklyn: Yo damn, bitch, yous be fine, Don't need no crack if yous be mine. or let's take it a notch more Twitter/Texting: is2g, no b.s. dnt nd 8v3n, wen ive gt ua Mystery New places travel to me, Because to the world I remain a mystery. Atheism Knowing there was a bit of God in every man is how atheism all began. Pervert People often mistake for perversity A predilection for sexual diversity. Schmuck Show kindness to a schmuck, it's guaranteed you'll get fucked. What's Hot We incorrectly assume what's hot is becoming what we're not. Wit vs. Wisdom Wisdom derives from contemplation; wit simply demands keen observation. Family vs. Friends Friends come, friends go; Family remains in life's tidal flow. Nomad When your roots grow from the outside in, home becomes whatever place you're in. Preserving Beauty Preserving beauty is futile; even Cleopatra returned to the Nile. History History must be made, not read; live not vicariously, act instead. Peony Take, my love, this peony, that transformed sun into honey. Ageing Ageing starts with childhood's end, Despite the perpetuity we pretend. New Poetry is fashion; its new arrivals are simply just revivals. Scorn Neither money nor love scorn, being of this world born. Loss Wisdom feels woe; grieve loss, yes; indulge in it, no. Pervert People often mistake for perversity a predilection for sexual diversity. Thick-Skinned Poets who claim they're thick-skinned have lost the sensitivity within. Innocence Love never loses its innocence whence I'm the jury and you're the evidence. Prayer Prayer need not be lengthy; just ask God, 'Help me.' Boasting vs. Toasting What many call boasting to my success I call toasting, nonetheless. Window Sometimes you must break a windowpane to glimpse beyond the rain. Rhyme Nowadays poets seldom rhyme because they often haven't the time. Death New journeys set sail with a final heartbeat and exhale. Ingenuity I count ingenuity among the greatest gifts God's given me. Fearless Live your life without chronology; Swing your cock without apology. Endless Childhood Put off summer's end And adulthood's vexing burdens shall suspend. Sharing Know that when you share yourself, most will take, So only share yourself, for sharing sake. Rub It In You were right, I was wrong; how often will you repeat this song? Shine 'Aye, it's good to be king, ' I groan, Taking me place on the bootblack's throne. Jolly vs. Folly What seems man's folly on this sphere, Makes angels jolly way over there. Fragile You'll find no greater fragility Than a heart lacking accessibility. Shtup 'Yo' bro, wassup with dem skanks you love to shtup? ' Internet Most unfortunately the Internet's prevailing sensibility is irony or ennui. Read & Write Great writers are masterful borrowers; read everything to gain followers. Present Our present is the dissipating despair of our past mingled with the promise of our future we hope will last. Love Leads Ask not where your love will lead; Let fate ordain, let will concede. Creating Distance 'Hasten not to alienate me, it shall come by naturally.' Post Garden Ever since Eden, Adam has been trying to get even. Fascinating Adults Childhood shouldn't frivolity dispense; Fascinating adults are nurtured by nonsense. Religious Confession Priests have obsessions for confessions of transgressions in succession. Forgetting vs. Recollection There's bloodletting in forgetting as there's lingering affection in recollection. To Become One In bed our bodies integrate, the lines between us obliterate. Enemies Ne'er shall man's enemies been drawn so near, then when he seeketh to compare. Fools Fools rush in before we can notify the next of kin. Consolation If at first you don't succeed, be consoled by weed. Imagination No ideal can turn real without imaginations spinning wheel. Unwitting Measure 'You I love and treasure in an equal, unwitting measure.' Teaching Poetry Teachers cannot teach students to kindle imagination beyond their reach. Without Love 'My world without love still remains a world about love.' Wildflower Poetry Prose blossoms through cultivation, poetry by stretches of the imagination. Twitter Fame Twitter's fame's purely lame ~ bottom line, we're all the same. Ripe Every fruit ripens in its own time; Gather not in Autumn what's due in Springtime. Fools Of all the fools that tread our land, there are few more self-deluded or dangerous, than the self-righteous brand. Definitions Definitions create false boundaries around reality so we can act smug with our small familiarity. Sham, I Am Dr. Seuss is an damn looser sham that I am. Spirochetes Even amongst the spirochetes, there are the privileged and elites. Mended If the recently mended heart, breaks again, it shall not start. Stigma Withal there's remains our enigma, why homosexuality's such a stigma. Lies Politicians, spies and wives tell lies; they couldn't survive otherwise. Keep Your Day Job Bitch If you've guessed that I'm blessed, augury ain't your strawberry. Chlorophylia Few things amaze as the palette of the autumn blaze. Frippery Imagination is ostentation quite slippery, conjuring up novelty and frippery. Happiness The happiness mankind seeks, it will never find, But happiness unsought, can fulfill a blissful mind. Write! Write! Write! Write! Though everything you've written can disappear overnight. Roses Wither Roses wither, violets wilt, Death unstitches the threads of life's too brief quilt. Social Media In social media we reveal what prudence dictates we conceal. Ten Words It takes wisdom beyond nerds to pontificate in ten words. New Year Cheer Despite the wear and tear let's cheer the New Year. Love Me Not Love me, love me not. love's knot's a long shot. My Ex There are no ex wives. There are just wives, and ex lives. Lost Love Lost love's the season of mists, Though they are gone, memory persists. Spring The gleeful gatherings of Spring Makes all the other Seasons sing! Epiphyte Wisdom's goal's to become an epiphyte, drawing nutrients from the light. Poetry is Found Poetry's equally found in tangerine moons as in baboons playing bassoons. Amiable 'Look at me. Tell me what you see? What secrets hide behind my mask of feigned amiability? ' Lynchings Prisoners appear sallow upon the gallows, until death's ash soaks through their tallows. Dust We must dignify what our smallness signifies, For what is man, but so much dust in disguise. Rhyme Rhyme is the angel's song; Sometimes God even plays along. Time Can there be more callous crime than unkindly killing time? Fate Despite our best intent, we'll wind up where we're meant. Mirror Mirror, mirror on the wall, mere reflections makes me small. Death When memories cease to be, what forges on is facsimile. Explosive Heart A heart that's been played can become a hand grenade. Love vs. Bliss If love were perfect we'd call it bliss. What make love love is it's so hit and miss. IQ vs. Duncedom Once a confederacy of dunces couldn't contest with IQ's purview. Wit vs. Levity Brevity's the soul of wit; levity's just for talking shit. What Poets Do Poet's manifest what isn't there; Imagination's conjurings from thin air. Missed Childhood Adolescence spent upon a cross, regrettably is childhood's loss. Unspoken Your love unskoken, your words unsaid, Have left me broken, given up for dead. Hard Cocks and Relativity Imagining Einstein won't make you smarter Any more that thinking about your wife will make you harder. Clown Retirement Skin liver-spotted brown, you're too old to be a clown. Frivolousnessness No glowing life, no life of quality, Can ignite without a spark of frivolity. This Poem Rocks! Poems hewn from stones too serious, Leaves no pebbles for the mysterious. Galileo The Church declared Galileo Galilei, 'a Peeping Tom led astray.* Excuses Every excuse subsumes a lie; truth's avoided by squeezing by. Without You 'Without you, all beauty's dead, radiant rose drained of its red.' Heartfelt Poetry Poetry makes a heartfelt cry, compelling God's mercy to comply. Death's Communion Only death's tender communion Can engender the parent child reunion. Brief Candle There's both brevity in art and affairs of the heart. Love's Reward Love repaid is love's reward; recompense fair towards being adored. Counting Words I dream not of sheep, but 10 word poems, counting my articulated fingers to the bones. Shaboinkin' Poetry Poems should sing Like women shaboinkin' on a mattress spring. White Clouds White clouds mask rains torrential; Never underestimate an enemies potential. Snapchat Poetry On poetry sites poems are dead as soon as they're read. Taking Turns 'Children learn to take turns, or stand in a queue; but I won't take turns when it comes to loving you.' Gone to the Texas Cakewalk The dead don't know the meaning of the word, 'no'. Faith Happy-endings lie in wait to believers clinging to their faith. New Year's Promise Disprove the doubting Thomas; turn year's ending into beginning's promise. Resonance At second glance, what makes a poem a poem, ain't the chime of rhyme, but the elegance of resonance. Dragons In the benighted landscape of your symbolic dreams, Slaying an escaping dragon is not what it seems. Single vs. Married Men Bachelors love bachelorettes; married men love anything they can get. Poet's Dress Code Poetry is an absolute pursuit; You can't pose as a poet wearing a business suit. Wisdom vs. Beauty Wisdom's attainable, beauty is not; some like it wise, but most like it hot. Tone of Love Half of love is in its tone; the better half is in the laugh. Wisdom vs. Beauty Wisdom's attainable, beauty is not; some like it wise, but most like it hot. Boredom Sometimes every new day looks like the one that's passed; boredom poses the question, 'How long will this shit last? ' Forget Let's lift our goblet of regret, forgive, forsake and forget. New Year's Bells The New Year's bell's knell yells farewell to raising hell. Polar Bears Polar bears adapt to the warming global, Sweet, threadbare, dead and noble. Manhattan Streets 10,000 crossing footsteps, not a pair of eyes that meet; that's how anonymity builds its hive, on cold Manhattan streets. Sex vs. Love The difference between man's pleasures is: sex measures, love treasures. Prayer and Sincerity When driven to despair, know sincerity's the heart of prayer. The Universal Poet The poet should be homeless universally; his fealty pledged internally. The Poet and Seclusion Poetry creates the illusion that poets are clever beyond seclusion. Rain and Shine With raindrops heaven weeps; Sunshine's sweep reaps smiles to keep. Speak to the Head Tis of no fucking avail To speak to the tail. Forgive and Forget The fulfilling life, filled with little regret, Comes from learning to forgive, then as quickly forget. Night Sky Stars are a shimmering quilt of light, That tucks the moon into the night. Confession 'Remind me, Padre, of my sins, with tact, That I may confess to them, after the fact.' Hoping vs. Death If hoping prolongs the dying's death, Is it not more merciful to pray They quickly exhale their final breath? Heartless Heartbeat In great poetry can you find the lungless breath, the heartless heartbeat of our living, secret innermost mind. Sunup One cannot know love when the heart dries up, or know the depth of darkness until sunup. Give Me Poetry Give me poetry filled with oddness, beauty and wit, As for all the rest, I don't give a whit ;) Afterglow My heart skips a beat for love to flush, anchored in afterglow of love's heady rush. Satire vs. Parody Satire hides an education; Parody makes no attempts at rehabilitation. Broken 'His gifts have become broken things, hidden from my view, Sitting on a shelf, above my shoes, like exterminated Jews.' Poetry's Expiration Date No poem older than a day, has anything truly timely to say. Wedding Veil A wedding veil's of no avail because virginity's a fairy-tale. Madly Deeply Love deeply, love madly, love for today, That no one may say, you lived halfway. Qualms If the ills we've wrought We come to regret, Perhaps the good we've done Ought these sins offset. Comet A comet's the white whale of discarded moons, Frail tails steered by by the whims of gravity's harpoons. Posthumous The anonymous may claim their fame posthumous; But let my words be my stake, while I'm still awake. Seeing vs. Envision We see nothing more than we bring to it; heavenly orchards lie in an apple's pit! Government Intrusion America's biggest illusion is the belief they're free from government intrusion. Alzheimer's I've half-forgotten what I forgot; memory's become my Gordian knot. Natural Whatever comes natural's a matter-of-course; we should hump without remorse. The Seasonal Complainer Winter's too cold, summer's too hot, Spring's too rainy, autumn's full of rot. Rhyme vs. Reason Do not try to make rhyme of reason, nor reason of rhyme; For the former's too systematic, the latter's too sublime. Sexsmithing for Authenticity For love to ascend to the next spiritual level, it must have the sex beaten out of it by the devil. The Poet's Touch See little and remember much, that's the poet's special touch. Flirting . She smiles from across the bar. ¬ 'Here I am. There you are.' An Iconoclast Having a Blast I could what I should; rather do what I would. The Poet's Job Trigger memory, explode an emotion; the poet must create commotion. Change of Fortune When fortune's change, so does the man; Some becomes saints, and others, less than. I ♥ Central Park A stone's throw from Bergdorf's, With the Hudson curling up. Settling "I meant what I said and I said what I meant. Don't gamble of love when you can be content.' Spiritual Kinship An unerring marker of a kinship spiritual is two people sharing love for the same poetry miracle. What Might Have Been Dwell not upon what might have been, Within such idle spin, you can never win. I've Got a Prescription Opiates are inappropriate, so is meth in excess, stick strictly to weed, and you'll convalesce. Slacker's Motto Given the cultural rage for productivity, the best fuck-you's non-activity. Immortality Death is part of God's plan for the universe; to yearn for immortality is heresy, to acquire it, a curse. Flame of Love Couplet The flame of love, both bright and brief, Burns hot and white in gain and grief. Knowledge vs. Action Knowledge and action are just the right mix To get things done, or if we must, perform a quick fix. Ravens and Larks An unkindness of ravens sat in the Cimmerian dark, envying the light and exaltation of larks. Antsy I've been cataloging life since infancy and getting quite antsy; I can't distinguish a pansy from a dandy or chimpanzee. Zen and the Poet A poem's the poet's kōan, reassuring us we're not alone. Poetry is Dirty Dancing Dancing's poetry of the street in iamb, trochee, dactyl feet. Sublime Milestones of Nature A heron swallowing a fish, or me deepththoating a knish. Ought to Be We cannot say about reality with irrefutable certainty, The way things are, aren't the way things ought to be. Rules Not every poet is a fool, not every drunkard drinks, But of this rule I can be sure, every asshole stinks. Parrots vs. Heroes {Couplet) The parrot learns to squawk before he dances, So the hero must learn to obey, before he takes chances. Safety We teach our kids to play it safe, But the game goes to the wayward waif. Gauntlet Couplet 'Dude, you ain't fit to mow my lawn, So come on bitch, just bring it on.' Sentimentality vs. Reality To be a reliable witness you must write without sentimentality; But isn't writing without sentimentality a distortion of emotion's reality? Poet's Dreams The poet dreams up things lying upon a bed of birds, the wind beneath their wings unceasingly rearranging words. Maternal Deprivation (Haiku) Intro. to Psych (1.1) : to a monkey a terry cloth mother is better than none. Line You're like my favorite passage in a dog-eared book, you've caught me by line, wink, and kept me hooked. Rain Whenever it rains when I visit a cemetery's shrine, I feel heaven's compassion in joining its tears with mine. The Poet and the Tangential In poetry what's essential is what others regard as tangential. Cloudy with a Chance of Romance Against blue skies, scudded clouds sail, reading weather like braille. Who We Are See me. Acknowledge me. Love me. That's all what human beings crave from the cradle to the grave. Chlorophyll I love the thrill of chlorophyll when hiking through evergreens. Pine needles wheedling their bouquet between fifteen shades of wintergreen. Shadows are only Neutral at Noon Whose side shadows fall upon, tis' ordained by reigning sun. An Atheist's Prayers They also pray who come to God assassinate; For few there's redemption, for most it's too late. The Evolution of Identity Admittedly, my past me is not attractive company, but we're still on nodding terms, just to maintain continuity. Bagels vs. Bullets A bagel with no hole is a roll; A body with a bullet hole's a soul. Giggles Don't you love it when grandma giggles like a schoolgirl? Don't you love it when grandpa gives grandma a twirl? Death Death, forfeit not your patience, your prodigal son's coming home. From incarnation to reincarnation, from sunrise spark to twilight's gloam. Sun vs. Moon Couplet The harvest moon glowed orange, spilling OJ in the sky, The sun would best her drunken rhapsody in daylight's battle cry. Soul {10w] Bodies are such silly things for beautiful souls to inhabit, Like the mitre and pontifical vestments worn by the abbot. Egyptian Poets and the Word Once poet's master the hieroglyphical, Nothing's left than become prolifical. Snark vs. Insult Snark remarks are passive aggressive; insults are put-downs impudently impressive. Sparks Every Jew to his pine box, Every Buddhist to his urn; Their sparks ascend to Heaven Except for those who burn. Afghanistan In ye olde Afghanistan. the glocken be rockin on the Hummer caravan, whilst our soldiers dream of sleigh bells ringin, while they slay the Taliban. Frosted Flakes vs. Serial Killers 'Count to ten before blood's spilled to minimize collateral overkill.' Sometimes Magic is What Disappears Love's tragic, not ecstatic; with finespun change, disappears the magic. Tidal Love Love moves us like the tides, It draws us close and then subsides. Emotional Detachment Sometimes I feel so numb inside, so of feelings deprived, That I've pretended to feel another's anger, just to feel alive. Genesis God spoke the world into existence, reifying an abstraction. Now the Creator's had second thoughts and wishes to utter a retraction. Prosperity's Curse Prosperity's a gilded curse, misdirecting our poor souls from the higher purpose of life's fire, to mindlessly rake over old coals. The Poet from the Poem Know the poet from the poem despite their shared paternity; the former spits and shits, while the latter breathes eternity. Grave Dancing for Dummies They danced at my grave when I was buried at sea; with my haters drowned, I'm now totally free. Luck of the Irish 'This joy, too, shall pass. When does good luck ever last? ' Fall to the Fringe How the surface of our bare nerves tears and singe When the dear people we love fall to the fringe. Lies We lose some scrap of ourselves with every lie told, A shard, a sliver, a snippet, of our kindly mold. Smell the Roses We must give ambition pause to feel the breeze of bliss, For when pursuit's invariable, we'll miss all happiness. Rain and Glass Rain can best be appreciated when observed behind glass, for nature's element is felt keenest when framed by contrast. Herd Instinct Sniff at a newcomer to gather the scent of their intention. 'Are you one of us, or is your semblance just pretension? ' Luck vs. Fate Who's to say what is lucky and what's not. When man's fate's tied up in a double knot. The Drug Dealer's 10w Spiel Don't trust lust; if you must just trust angel dust. Who Will Star in My Next Dream? Eyelids, black velvet screen, auditioning images like a casting machine. Fleeced Don't you love the fleecy fashion of a wolf in sheep's clothing? That rakish lupine lilt like a Scottish kilt is quite presupposing. River Mountain Ocean Rivers delight in their flow; Mountains savor their snow. But oceans are in concurrence their contentment comes from recurrence. Cuddling In sleep you pull me into your arms like the tide, a gentle unseen force from which no lover may hide. A Chuck Yeager Moment There's a sonic boom resonating in my head as I break through the 2000 HP follower watershed. GPS I have been warned and humiliated by my Nazi GPS; getting from here to there shouldn't be like a test. Ghosts in the Graveyard The dead shall join you soon in song, in ghostly choruses of ten. Man's fate points straight unto his grave, whilst the choristers intone, 'Amen.' Soulmate Barometer The choice of topics being raised or not raised at a first date is an accurate barometer as to whether the person opposite you is your soulmate. How Much Space? Give a lover space enough to rejoice in their choice, but not enough room for their doubts to give voice. Who'll Stop the Rain? I tried in vain to stop the rain; now I allow my umbrella to unsheath its disdain. Deadbeat Daddy Despite the belief of small children raised by single mothers, a deadbeat dad is not just another kind of father. Shrug Off We can't shrug off love's failure in high style; we can only shift the wretched pain, and smile. MMA vs. UFC 'I'll wrestle with any angel any time, any day in the MMA. But please, Sweet Jesus, keep that fucking UFC octopus away.' Stomp Don't let a poet tell you what you already know; the poet's place is to stomp, not tippy-toe. Women and Books Women often sniff the pages of an old secondhand book; Scent alone determining whether they're worth a second look. Ferdinand VII of Spain He who can false loyalty feign shall sit twice upon the throne of Spain. Frank Lloyd Wright Frank Lloyd Wright eliminated the confining wall, so now when your wife screams at you it sounds like you're in Tammany Hall. Still No Cure to Endure There are seventy remedies for the common cold, But not a single cure for growing old. Verrazano-Narrows Bridge A procession of souls cross the bridge, some headed for Jersey and some for Bay Ridge. Holographic Poetry A great poem is a hologram containing the whole in every part, you can purge from it every line, and never rip the poem apart. How to Kiss It's not the summer breeze we take pleasure in, but its sudden contact upon our skin. One moment hot, next moment cold; a kiss best thrills when it's felt twofold. Should I Use aYoung Aggressive Stockbroker? 'An old-geezer miser would be far wiser as your investment-adviser.' New Year's Wishes In this New Year may we steer clear of fear. And may our only tears come after joy and laughter. IndeterminateSex When forms inquire my gender, To perplex marketing techs, I just fill in 'indeterminate sex', Dispatching them on a bender. Plentitudes of Platitudes There are plentitudes of platitudes masquerading as poetic truth Like the prophetic emphatic caveat: 'Don't give a thirsty platypus a fifth of dry vermouth.' Don't Mess with the Queen The first man harnessing the secrets of fire Cannot compare with the revelation of your sovereign ire. Heavenly Laughter Only on the wings of laughter Can we ever reach the hereafter. Solemnity will weigh you down like stones; Your gravity's best interred with your bones. Death When we learn first-hand that life is brief, and have become fluent in the language of grief, that is when we become men, dispelling undying belief. Ethnic Oak Jokes The breeze fills with non-PC trees cracking ethnic jokes about species of scarlet, ring-cupped and chestnut oaks. Broken Heart Couplet I thank thee for my broken heart, the pain, the rain of tears, Twas a work of art about reality, that would train me through the years. Time Time shall pass, whether you chill or work your ass. Echos of Love Your love reverberates in me like an echo in the volcano's recess. It glissades off my caldera, stilling my heart's eruption by noble bequest. Sleight of Mind In the roar I hear the silence, in night I can see daylight. On what we focus, becomes our reliance, the sleight of mind will sets things right. Drama Queen If you cheat on an actress they make a scene; that's what you get when you marry a drama queen. The Mariner's Last Vision I see the deep green lift up to greet me; Now I am the sea and the sea is me. Sharing the Burden We need God to share the burden of our reality: The finality of it's mortality, the banality of it's brutality. The Necessity of God We need God if only to empty our rancor into Him, That 'Him' that presides over our tragedies with His apathetic grin. Promises to Keep I sink in sleep and cannot keep what eternal promises I made. At dawn's first yawn, my love's redrawn, as faithless dreams begin to fade. Alzheimer's Alzheimer memories lie in mason jars, with loosened lids beneath the stars. I see my childhood swing tied to a spruce; yesterday's sway free; today's a noose. The Queen Bee Putting-Down the Drones Honey, you're out of your league and look quite fatigued. Venite, Adoremus O Come, All ye Faithful, Discounted Heaven Awaits ye All! Black Friday Bells are Ringin' At the Ole Shopping Mall. Eclipse Apollo cock-a-doodle-dude, 'The sun's a bitter pill to swallow.' Selene reflected, 'I just did, bitch. I'm the tougher act to follow.' The Mafia Taught Me Don't stash the dead in a trunk at the foot of the bed; dispose of the body of your wrath in an acid bath. A Winter's Tree A tree does not tarry lightly upon the winter's frost; its heart gathers deep into its roots, before all vigor's lost. When Your Time Has Come For the man whose time has come, Life's as sweet as a cherry plum. But if it isn't your time yet, Your toil and sweat will become a threat. A Winter's Tree A tree does not tarry lightly upon encroaching winter's frost; its heart gathers deep into its roots, before all vigor's lost. What Makes a Terrorist Tic 'If you want to glimpse how dark I really am, Place me beside the brilliant words of our Holy Qur'an.' Family For my misery, family brings relief, tripling my joy, halving my grief. This aesthetic arithmetic's quite poetic, an accounting surmounting odds unsympathetic. Now there seems no hardship I cannot withstand, accompanied by my exponential, familial band. The Nonconformists are Coming Out of the Woodwork I just another nonconformist treading this megalopolis, not the Pharaoh of Egypt, just another sarcophagus. Shakespeare vs. Keynesian Economics If 'Neither a lender nor a borrower be', investments would dry up, economies stagnate, and off to the poorhouse go you and me. The Meaning of Life The meaning of life is that unacknowledged miracle which is wrought Between the quest of the seeker and what is being sought. Erotic Poetry for Dummies If a mountain was a molehill I'd appreciate your cock, Yada, yada, yada, yada, yada, yada, hard as a rock. How to Treat Your Lover If you want to learn how your lover best to treat, Pretend each time is the last time you'll ever meet. The Color of Crows The poet espies the bluest of blues in the blackest of crows, a petrol iridescence only keenly observed beyond the end of one's nose. Pain vs. Pleasure Pain and pleasure are nearly identical, the difference lies in their temporal perception. Pleasure feels fleeting, pain feels unending; both jolt us at the nerve's first inception. You're Just My Type Too; Dia Betes 'How undisciplined minds ache for sugar-dusted lemon glaze cake.' Love, love, love... Love, love, love... this is rather getting stale. Perhaps the tell tale of its worn veneer is your words now seem as queer as braille. Leave No Turd Unturned When life deals you shit, make the most of it. Life's arcade won't always give you the option of lemonade. The Descent of Man Poetry's first ascent came to be with a monkey's descent down from a tree. Now cruelty drives man back up the tree and poetry shall thrive as mere memory. Despair on the Eastern Front {Couplet) It matters not how many frozen bodies you throw in the fire to keep me warm and fed. It is a long Russian winter and I, too, will be dead. New Year's Revolving Door Revolution commences with the overthrow of New Year's resolution. Seek not absolution for our weaknesses immune to evolution. Poor Excuses for Men Every now and then good ink flows fluent from my playful pen, Causing jealous minds to moulder in these poor excuses for men. Las Vegas and a Hard Place We're all in this greedy wasteland stuck, running out of time, running out of luck. Reality Check It matters little how many poems I've written, I'll never beat that viral You Tube kitten. Snore Like an Eagle One day I shall spread my winglets, and like an airmail eagle sore, But for now my muscles are rather small, I'll have to exercise some more. What Parents Are Scared to Tell Their Teen-Agers 'I've been far too reticent; Your piercings are an embarrassment! ' Burning your Bridges To live your life with no retreat, burning your bridges behind you, Is to be young again, never admit defeat, hormones raging, without a clue. Just Needs a Spritz of WD-40 The gates of hell are never jammed, their creaks and groans always welcome the damned. Frangible vs. Fungible No matter how hardened the heart, love's loss will bring it to submission; our frangible heart is the Achilles heel of our fungible human condition. Dawn at Brooklyn Bridge White-capped waves paint the dawn in pivoting strokes of white, the ashen sky a canvas to reflect East River's light. Beyond the Broken Bend What's the point of telling the heartbroken to 'move on', when they believe they're at journey's end? 'Heartbreak' becomes the final destination, when you can't conceive a world still exists beyond the broken bend. Trial and Error If you neatly get it right on your first try, you'll never learn things deeply by not asking 'why? ' The Phenomenon of Life The potter's some man of clay who's molding clay, a robot making an automaton; Every day we recreate ourselves from what bricks we're made, how wondrous life's phenomenon! The AP Stylebook is Useless I can't abbreviate abbreviation nor know how to initialize an acronym, I can find the contraction for contraction nor the précis for a homonym. Poetry Should Be Poetry should be a commission atoning for life's acts of omission. Poetry should be advertent invention to contend with a world of contention. Poetry should be an undermining of that clichéd, overplayed silver lining. As Long As It Has a Fast Internet Connection I need a cozy den to winter in, a hibernaculum away from the city's din. The Sanctus Bells of Hell I am compelled by altar bells to live a holy life, but temptation wells and my penis swells, so fuck the afterlife. The British Are Not Coming ''Twas not the stench of the French wench that caused me to retrench; 'twas how she cussed about our Queen with rancour, that caused me to pull anchor.' So What Did You Think of His Poetry? He was a humdrum poet who left his Hallmark upon the world; in his poems an umbrella never opened, they all magically unfurled. Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori 'It is sweet and right to die for your country's glory.' That's getting stale, bro; time to rewrite the story. The Poet The poet's a court jester, permitted to lament our blatant inconsistencies, bullshit and discontent. He's a canary coal mine tester, descending into the unknown, dying in the darkness, all yellow and alone. Planning the Future I play along as she plans our future family, in the intimate moments before we sleep. Am I a liar to indulge her dreams with smiles? Would I be more honest if I'd just weep? Kinky Valentine Dwarf Sex You won't need sex toy widgets to fidget a midget; just give the girl a twirl on your index digit. Moroccan Last Supper Cous cous, faded Berber pallete, Raisins drizzled on Christ's salad. Burnt offering, paschal lamb, 'Eat my body, here I am, Disciples, Drink my blood! Tomorrow drag me through the mud.' Sephora's Psychoactive Fall Line Sephora has a new Krazy-Glue to hold together the mind's fragmentation, and a firming cream to deal with the stretch marks of imagination. Fantasy World 'I live in no fantasy world as you unjustly claim, so insult not my dragon by proclaiming him an iguana, or I'm gonna make it my quest to stick my sword up your ass and thusly achieve Nirvana.' Advice for Poets II Though vague thoughts may seem by plague besieged, My liege, you must not let your mind's fount be breached. Though shit the whirl of your words may be, Twirl on those coil'd turds unto infinity. Curse of the Ageing Woman I'm a wallflower, bluestocking, left on the Shelf, When you're beyond one's sell-by date, you've left by yourself, Poet and the Fool The fool does his ego inflate, much like a poet does his oeuvre overrate. But the truth of the matter is that neither shit matters; harsh reality shall both nitwits deflate. The Minimum Wages of Sin I've been thinkin' about Lincoln and America's antebellum way. What the abolitionists called slavery, we call minimum wage today. Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. ~ King James Bible 'Tis truth in this ~ In faith man sows everlasting bliss. Fall in Love in Fall It would be more befitting to fall in love in the fall, for the leave's colorful dance of death, augurs the long haul. Play the Odds of Love What are the odds we'd meet inside a needle's eye? Perchance, should either of us die before we've said goodbye, Let's make solemn vow that we shall meet again In the haystack that was the needle's den. 'We Need your Prints and DNA to Eliminate You as a Suspect' If you believe naught is naughty in this world, Why is every crook's fingerprint uniquely whorled? Don't Dismiss the Devil's Bliss I dreamt a snake reminisced then purred with a hiss, and kissed me in my cradle above an abyss. I woke up and yelled, 'What the hell's this? ' Because I was the Devil and for me this was bliss. There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. Network TV's insistent stupidity to the Outer Limits pushes me. Tony Soprano's Bada Bing of Conscience While I waited for the church bells to ring, my conscience chimed in with a pang, bada bing! The yin and yang of what was right or wrong, became clear as a bell as I played along. Creating Poetry I'd rather labor at my own poems than consume the ones existing, Enlisting images here and there from classics, choosing only those that are worth persisting. Then I twist them into something new, create an arc to catch a spark, To illuminate the place I'm in, with paper lanterns in the dark. Breadth and Depth of Love Is it really so hard to love this man Which to your siren's calls been lured? Cannot his kiss traverse the oceans depths Piggy-backed upon his word? Neither frigate, freighter nor chariot, Hitched to Hermes's heels, Can convey the breadth of purest love That this heart truly feels. You Are the Light You are the light within stained glass windows, sacred shimmering in the dark. You are the words that give my life meaning, reassurance between the quotation marks. You are the dream that dreams its dreaming, tremulous glimmerings of ambrosial hope. You are the love that keeps my heart gleaming, removing all limits to its boundless scope. Beware the Clock Tower in the Square Implacable hands of time, You are no friend of mine! Your tower strikes twelve, or one, or five, Chiming, 'What is it to be alive? ' If I delve deep within your works, Shall I find elves wound up like clerks? There's something diabolic In all things mechanistic, A fatalistic reckoning, Ciphering us into statistics. Steady Bridges Won't Get You There [10w] You must cross shaky bridges to go where few dare. What is the Purpose of Poetry? Let's agree to disagree, Poetry sites are about egos, not camaraderie. A Good Death to Lament What humanity so desperately needs is a good death to lament; Which only begs our predicament, that all great souls have been spent. I don't give a damn to mourn a lamb of God so easy sacrificed. Nor give a shit or half-a-whit to crow elegies to crowds so easily pacified. That leaves me nothing else to lament but my impending death, and a good death I shall make it, leaving humanity in debt. Muzzle I kissed a woman in my muzzle; How she got there remains a puzzle. Poetry Poetry was the foolish passion of my youth, forsaken for twenty years to raise a family. When I returned to it, miraculously, my youth was returned to me and now poetry raises me. Applecart Who upsets the applecart, should vend fruit twice as smart. Love and the Tax Man If my pen hath virtue, so does your smile, Let us then wed in haste and jointly file. Secrets Secrets spoken in a whisper Have gossip as a sister. Brewing Poetry Comma sips between the lines, insights percolate into a 10w, a latte sonnet here, a cappuccino couplet there. A few smartass epiphanies, and something new in every brew. One final fix, voilà, the poem is fixed! I adore this caffeine, that alchemizes the extraordinary into the routine, and vice versa with the unforeseen. It turns blue aquamarine, and words into Mexican jumping beans. Truths Truths esteemed most high either clarify or unmask a lie. Adults Defined Complicated creatures full of quirks, 50% lovely and 50% jerks. Ambition Look into humility's eyes and witness ambition's most cunning guise. Dragon's Head Pry not secrets from the dead, better bid goodbyes instead. Chutzpah Chutzpah puts the balls in fearless and schmaltz in careless. Time 'Time's a healer' just ain't true; in time all diseases will kill you. Limits Act as if limits didn't exist, and you'll either be kissed or be slapped on the wrist. Crapehanger When a crapehanger dies without forewarning, who'll hangs crepe paper as a sign of mourning? Marriage Decoded Couples bear the scars of aborted dreams and slurs; she fucked mine, so I fucked hers. Dancing Stars with Too Many Pockets If you want the stars to dance, Remove those silly cargo pants. Counting Sunshine Like misers who measure their wealth in sheckels, redheaded children count sunshine in freckles. Now Whether you Hurry up! or P r o c r a s t i n a t e, the NOW doesn't discriminate. Love and Distance 'Distance cannot do us harm, Home's always in your arms.' The Poet as Enchantress The poet is an enchantress, with or without a dress. Improvise A word to the wise, to be demur is forfeiture. So when in doubt, improvise, acting as if you're cocksure. Love and Distance 'Distance cannot do us harm, Home's always in your arms.' Brownie Mix Betwixt hell and the River Styx, I'll be shitting bricks. A Love for All Seasons Take heart, beyond sad winter lies the spring, Whose rains heal and wash away most everything. That come summer, good tidings shall past bad undo, As lovers sing and bring their love anew. Hope and Desire Youth's hopes and desires retires in age's forsaken funeral pyre. Poetry and Balance Poems must straddle the line Between popularity and being fine. Military Fashion Statement 'Tin lid covered in scrim, ain't no para, just wanna look like em.' I'm Sorry Your 'I'm sorry's, they drizzle, too many, too late. Would it not have been wiser, not to kiss Kate? Finitude Finitude is what all creatures share, human, pigeon, turtle, bear; We all die, we all die! Give or take a fearful year. Bucket List Your foes, your banes, your enemies, pardon every one, This must be wrought before you die, and can't be left undone. God's Deicide When God decried man's prideful stride, the Creator committed suicide. Time How time takes wing when we're having fun, then ticks, and tocks, and clicks, and clacks, when we're undone. Poetry is a Ladder The poet's job is to create a ladder for the reader to enter his imagination and once they've climbed u¬p to the top remove each rung by grad¬ation Passion Passion's the one true metric by which to measure man; when all our facades crumble, tis' only passion that shall stand. Viral vs. Bacterial Death AIDs is a stigma, Ebola a fear, death's the only pandemic, by which means, I don't care. Onward Ho Status Quo! Satire's a sermon, parody but a game; whatever poets poke fun at, remains just the same. Whoreson Bar sinister, bend sinister, bowed cock Bastards slither, born out-of-wedlock. The Stink of Hate When haters write they raise a stink; must be the venom coursing through their ink. Moonlight I'm soaked in moonlight that's wrung out with the tide. I'll glow now like a saint until the iridescence subsides. Pun vs. Puny 'His penis was a pun, judging by the predictable groans. The hours set by innuendos, the seconds by the moans.' STD: Sexually Transmitted Disease Players, playboys and pricks all must Pick at their STDs of lust. Mint Julep I've had more than a hint of a tulip or two, after treating them to a mint julep, or two. Childhood Memories My childhood memories seem etched in stone: rabbit antennas, fallout shelters, mom's laugh, a rotary phone. Meaning of Life Life's but the love and laughter we've amassed, the friendships forged that shall outlast possessions, station and renown, the make-up palette of a clown. Love's End Love's end is as if an angel closed his wings. The dying heart sings silence to which it gravely clings. Pearls of Wisdom Pearls of wisdom should be well strung, With a play of words and well hung. Love to Tide You Over In an errant sea the tide stirs with perverse pride; embrace her wayward currents as you would a runaway bride. Fuck Me Again My heart's uprooted like a tree; I come before the count of three. But before the count of thirty's tallied, The remainder of my loins have rallied. Valentine's Day It's quite near crystal clear that I love you, dear ~ Light years more than that queer elephant's ear from Zaire. Pigging-Out in Heaven Heaven is an endless feast, to say the very least. You can eat all you want and forever be gaunt. Peep... Peep... Peep You can feed breadcrumbs to a pigeon, but an eaglet needs flesh to soar. And so it is with sustaining all consummate carnivores. Endangered Language Three thousand languages will disappear in the course of the next seventy years. Billions of words never to be heard again shall like incense arise to fill page after page of empty skies. Getting Naked with Strangers Getting naked with strangers shows we're trusting fools at heart, More concerned with whims of pleasure than with being smart. Global Financial Crisis in Newspaper Headlines Everything Must Go! Economy Ails. Massive Unemployment. Blowout Sales. New York City In fast-paced New York City even the bubbling brooks babble. The Hudson and East River run rabid, skirting the rabble Oprah in a Muumuu Looks Like a Yurt Nudity fits the body, graceful as a glove; loose fashions only obscure our perfect frame of love. An Anschauung Meringue for Debaters You cannot adequately argue your point of view, unless you can persuasively argue your opponent's position. Every position must conceive its petition to carry weight in the meringue rhetoric of debate. Spring in Winter She was Spring in Winter, an unseasonable love that stood in ravishing denial. We can not measure love by the shadow it casts, but by the way it ignites the face of the sundial. Wouldn't It Be Great Wouldn't it be great To make heads or tails of mermaids tails or the mislaid dreams of heads of state. Dance of the Seven Veils 'You've unveiled your seven veils, but still you hide you heart. I'm waiting for you the eighth to bare, for our intimacy to start.' Accurs'd McDonalds, I Bite my Thumb at Thee! Let vex'd heavens rant and rage, This here shackled slave ain't workin' for no McMinimum wage. Angel Star Couplet Stars gently beat their silky wings In galaxies far from everything. Seraphim bejewel the darkest night For God's amusement and man's delight.
[Beryl Dov the Smartass Rabbi]
Chan Mongol :
Definition of my ID Did you ask what my country is? Did you enjoy and like to keep on tease? Did you ask me what religion I practice? Did you plan to separate and categorize? Do you like to play that game and card? To push me to ditch me, knock me too hard! My physique is my land and only identity! My body with pulse and heart, my only country! Outer me, my body and outer my existence! Nothing is the matter, all are distance! My CHARACTER, what my only religion is! My personality my manners are live in peace! In your data bank, you stored my soul, my all! My private life, past, present, fate, spring, fall! You chained my feet with metallic bar You are my owner, sire, slave operator! My identification was sacred, very personal! To reveal or not to reveal was optional! But today, I can run but cannot hide! From your guards, guide worldwide! Did you ask me what my country is? Did you enjoy and like to keep on tease? Did you ask me what religion I practice? Did you plan to separate and categorize? You can call me names, alright! As a dangerous or whatever I fit! Do you know what is the main thing? That, I am same as you are breathing? I know you, I know your type! You are the ugliest, a real low life! You are the meanest and jealous! So you are scared of me, and nervous! I know how to fight back! I can break your evil neck! Just be careful, what you say? At the end, you have to pay! I am not just what you are to see! Those people and tribes are in me! People of Yellow knife, White Horse, Yellow knife! Amish, Mohawk, Cherokee, Chinese too are my type! Full lips with those two eyes! Same as Orientals, Mongols, Chinese! My comfort with Irish music band! The nature, culture of that land! For African farmers I have pity! My soul, sympathy and solidarity! My hair is straight and plain! Many say if I am a native Hawaiian! I respect all but hazardous are exceptions! I try to find ways for peaceful protections! I hold plough in the country like Cambodia! I grow rice in Philippines, Bengal, East India! You can call me names, alright! As a dangerous or whatever I fit! Do you know what is the main thing? That, I am same as you are breathing? Sweet smell of Harvest, in East-West! Highways, mountains, all are my best! Deltas, plains, deserts, jungles, trees! Snow showers and rains in prairies! I am not just what you re to see! Those people and nations are in me! People of Yellow knife, White Horse! Amish, Mohawk, Cherokee, Indians! When someone in that galley to die? Or in a death line or row and cry! I find myself there and it stops my air! Bless all who want to live! I care! I am a cancer patient with so much pain! I feel that hardship again and again! Saddam and Qaddafi whom people tortured! I am with victims for whom cruel death occurred! I never get pleasure on someone's misery! When hunger, disease and death strike a family! I am with victims of tribes, Buddha, Jesus! Mohammad, Ram, First nations and Moses! Sweet smell of Harvest in East-West! Highways, mountains, all are my best! Deltas, plains, deserts, jungle, trees! Snow showers and rains in prairies!
[Humanity, sociology, natural law, individuality, educational, political and various civil and judicial matters.]
Warren Falcon :
Scattering wind over bending blades, I grieve still her leaving, feel its weight as I see scattered ones on benches in the park, asleep, one wretched man huddling where a band of young musicians tune their instruments for song… ..It appears to be ended but as grass shows there is a forming wisdom and the same, Desire The fire in our house of living rages and we cannot come out of our own accord. The event of her going is a beckoning to see the flame leaping so let's creep toward the Green and be silent but if we cannot be then let us be as she, frail and tender, lifting voices up in the greening shadow
[from ' The LoRuhamah Poems - Her Death Discordant']
John Milton :
Thus roving on In confus'd march forlorn, th' adventrous Bands, With shuddring horror pale, and eyes agast View'd first thir lamentable lot, and found No rest: through many a dark and drearie Vale They pass'd, and many a Region dolorous, O'er many a Frozen, many a fierie Alpe, Rocks, Caves, Lakes, Fens, Bogs, Dens, and shades of death, A Universe of death, which God by curse Created evil, for evil only good, Where all life dies, death lives, and Nature breeds, Perverse, all monstrous, all prodigious things, Abominable, inutterable, and worse Than Fables yet have feign'd, or fear conceiv'd, Gorgons and Hydras, and Chimeras dire.
[John Milton (1608-1674), British oet. Paradise Lost (l. Bk. II, l. 614-628). OBS. The Complete Poetry of John Milton. John T. Shawcross, ed. (1963, rev. ed. 1971) Doubleday.]
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John Milton :
All is best, though we oft doubt, What th' unsearchable dispose Of highest wisdom brings about, And ever best found in the close. Oft he seems to hide his face, But unexpectedly returns And to his faithful Champion hath in place Bore witness gloriously; whence Gaza mourns And all that band them to resist His uncontroulable intent, His servants he with new acquist Of true experience from this great event With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent.
[John Milton (1608-1674), British poet. Samson Agonistes (l. 1745-1758). . . The Complete Poetry of John Milton. John T. Shawcross, ed. (1963, rev. ed. 1971) Doubleday.]
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BurningDesire PhekoMotaung :
Quotations about Poverty 1. There is poetic justice in the savagery of the deed.The poor are powerful.If they don't eat we don't sleep. 2. If you are a lawless bandit in your heart and you want someone to commit a crime while you pretend to be a law abiding citizen hire the services of a poor man.That is why the rulers of the world will never end the scourge of poverty as far as I know 4. When the perpetrator is apprehended large quantities of alcoholic beverages are found in his hard stomach. Therefore the consumption of alcohol must be blamed for encouraging people to commit crime 5. In some parts of the world one does not call by name for fear of victimisation the repeat offender is a hero.The other who has not seen the inside of a cell in jail is looked at with loathing and called a half cent man 6. Some young men commit crimes because they are married in jail and they miss their spouses
[Pheko Motaung]
Walt Whitman :
Bearing the bandages, water and sponge, Straight and swift to my wounded I go, Where they lie on the ground after the battle brought in, Where their priceless blood reddens the grass the ground, Or to the rows of the hospital tent, or under the roof'd hospital, To the long rows of cots up and down each side I return, To each and all one after another I draw near, not one do I miss, An attendant follows holding a tray, he carries a refuse pail, Soon to be fill'd with clotted rags and blood, emptied, and fill'd again.
[Walt Whitman (1819-1892), U.S. poet. The Wound-Dresser (l. 25-33). . . The Complete Poems [Walt Whitman]. Francis Murphy, ed. (1975; repr. 1986) Penguin Books.]
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John Milton :
A hidden strength Which if Heav'n gave it, may be term'd her own: 'Tis chastity, my brother, chastity: She that has that, is clad in compleat steel, And like a quiver'd Nymph with Arrows keen May trace huge Forests, and unharbour'd Heaths, Infamous Hills, and sandy perilous wildes, Where through the sacred rayes of Chastity, No savage fierce, Bandite, or mountaneer Will dare to soyl her Virgin purity,
[John Milton (1608-1674), British poet. Comus; a Masque Presented at Ludlow Castle (l. 418-427). . . The Complete Poetry of John Milton. John T. Shawcross, ed. (1963, rev. ed. 1971) Doubleday.]
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Joel Barlow :
No Raven's wing can stretch the flight so far As the torn bandrols of Napoleon's war. Choose then your climate, fix your best abode, He'll make you deserts and he'll bring you blood. How could you fear a dearth? have not mankind, Tho slain by millions, millions left behind? Has not conscription still the power to weild Her annual faulchion o'er the human field? A faithful harvester!
[Joel Barlow (1754-1812), U.S. poet, politician. Advice to a Raven in Russia, December, 1812 (l. 29-37). . . Norton Anthology of American Literature, The, Vols. I-II. Nina Baym and others, eds. (2d ed., 1985) W. W. Norton & Company.]
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michael walker :
Tonight, as I wear a crown of thorns I talk across the airwaves Into bedrooms, shops and flats; and a caller mourns The miracle of light as waves Crash against Wellington's darkened land. Now the sleepers are about to rise I feel And maybe a listener smiles on another band With the dream I'd like to steal. 'Dawn Report'. Mark Pirie.
[Mark was a DJ on Radio Active in Wellington, NZ,1993-1996. Quoted from 'Valley Micropress', September,2015.Thanks to the Editor, Tony Chad. I think that the first line gets the reader's attention, with the biblical allusion.]
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