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Anglo-American Poet

Many great Masters have taken flight
To America, leaving this Island of green...
Joyce Hemsley

Will V-Day Be Me-Day Too?

Over There,
World War II.
Langston Hughes

To Lou Andreas-Salome

I held myself too open, I forgot
that outside not just things exist and animals
Rainer Maria Rilke

The Anatomy Of Angels

Angels inhabit love songs. But they’re sprites
not seraphim. The angel that up-ended
Alden Nowlan

Ana (Anorexia)

I hate you because you're taking over me,
but I love you 'cause you're making me the girl I want to be.
Samantha White

A Nocturnal Upon St. Lucy's Day, Being The Shortest Day

'Tis the year's midnight, and it is the day's,
Lucy's, who scarce seven hours herself unmasks;
John Donne

An Ante-Bellum Sermon

We is gathahed hyeah, my brothahs,
In dis howlin' wildaness,
Paul Laurence Dunbar

Butterfly Angel's Angel

I met someone somewhere out there
One angel, with eyes that dare
Tough Angel fly purple butterfly fly

*awu, Angazi Mina Angazi-

khala zome nhliziyo yami
usuyangala 'thululu' wami
LLM Mbatha

Amar Bhitor Bahire Antore Antore

Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah


Divided are we by the deep rolling sea, but
Anglo-American virtues, continue eternally.
Joyce Hemsley

The Angel-Thief

TIME is a thief who leaves his tools behind him;
He comes by night, he vanishes at dawn;
Oliver Wendell Holmes

To Anne: Oh, Say Not, Sweet Anne

Oh, say not, sweet Anne, that the Fates have decreed
The heart which adores you should wish to dissever;
George Gordon Byron

Non Angli Sed Angeli

' not Angles merely but of angel stock,
These boys blue-eyed and shining from the sea,
Geoffrey Anketell Studdert Kennedy

One Anguish—in A Crowd

One Anguish—in a Crowd—
Emily Dickinson

The 'Poem A Day' Project - Day 46

I changed my hair I changed my style
I changed my look I changed my smile
Flying Lemming


I'd planned to be Heathcliff's Cathy,
Lady Brett, Nicole or Dominique or Scarlett O'Hara.
Judith Viorst

A Day-Dream's Reflection

Chequer'd with woven shadows as I lay
Among the grass, blinking the watery gleam,
William Allingham

Three Cute Tiny Angry Ants

Three cute tiny angry ants
All who lived in tiny Paris, France;
Heather Schroer

First Person Narrator In 'Animal Antics'

I had a fish who ran away
I had a horse who choked on hay
Florence P. Wordsmith

An Ancient To Ancients

Where once we danced, where once we sang,
Thomas Hardy

Dayar-E-Dil Ki Rat Main Chirag Sa Jala Gaya

Nasir Kazmi

St. Andrew's Day-A Toast

Wha cares if skies be dull and gray?
Wha heeds November weather?
Jean Blewett

At Day-Close In November

The ten hours' light is abating,
And a late bird flies across,
Thomas Hardy

Every Day Is A New Day

Every sky’s a brand new sky, uncanny once again,
And every kiss, a brand new kiss, new one, no matter when.
Jacob Gifford

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