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Love Travelling Or The Travellers In Love and Relationship?

Love travelling
Or the travelers in love and relationship
Bijay Kant Dubey

The Foolish Traveller; Or, A Good Inn Is A Bad Home

There was a Prince of high degree,
As great and good as Prince could be;
Hannah More


Have you ever took
Your suitcase, all your
Teboho petrus ntaita

A Traveller

This road takes me; a horse guiding a horseman
A traveler like me cannot look back
Mahmoud Darwish

The Traveller

Reply to Rudyard Kipling’s ‘He travels the fastest who travels alone.’
Who travels alone with his eye on the heights,
Ella Wheeler Wilcox

The Traveller in Africa

A Dramatic Sketch
A Forest. Night.
Louisa Stuart Costello


I am a time traveler, traveling in space

[The weary Traveller, who tyred, sought]

The weary Traveller, who tyred, sought
In places distant farre, yet found no end
Mary Wroth

Two Travellers perishing in Snow

Two Travellers perishing in Snow
Emily Dickinson

Prayer of Pan Cogito – Traveller

Thank you for creating the world beautiful and of such variety
Zbigniew Herbert

The Gentle Traveller

Through many a land your journey ran,
And showed the best the world can boast:
Henry Van Dyke

The Murdered Traveller

When spring, to woods and wastes around,
Brought bloom and joy again,
William Cullen Bryant

Dreaming As A Traveller

(dedicated to Jolly)
I have a dream
Lawrence CH Hiun

A Sojourn Solitary Traveller

Again, he embarks on this journey,
A journey without destination
Avinash Nair

The Fearful Traveller In The Haunted Castle

Oft do I hear those windows ope
And shut with dread surprise,
George Moses Horton

A November Night’s Traveller

HE , who with journey well begun,
Beneath the beam of morning's sun,
Joanna Baillie

The Traveller-Heart

<i>(To a Man who maintained that the Mausoleum is the Stateliest Possible Manner of Interment)</i>
I would be one with the dark, dark earth:--
Vachel Lindsay

The Traveller; or, A Prospect of Society (excerpt)

But where to find that happiest spot below
Oliver Goldsmith

Alone Traveller

I am an alone traveler
to pass through the universal life
ramesh rai

Whither Traveller

Rattle fall rat grey rain,
Lightning torches only the sky,
yoonoos peerbocus

Time Traveller

I never knew how far i could go..
Till i seen the road behind me.
Elizabeth Hathaway

Fond Memories Of The Irish Travellers

The wanderlust was in them and they moved from place to place
In their horse drawn gipsy caravans but they were a happy race
Francis Duggan

What Sayest Thou, Traveller

What sayst thou, traveller, of all thou saw'st afar?
On every tree hangs boredom, ripening to its fall,
Paul Verlaine

The Traveller

Oh, I came singing down the road
Whereon was nought perplext me,
Arthur Graeme West

The Happy Traveller

WHO is the monarch of the Road?
I, the happy rover!
Isabel Ecclestone Mackay

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