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A JOURNEY TO REMEMBER (Field trip to Sta. Ana, Cagayan)

Field trip to Sta. Ana, Cagayan

that, coupled with a mix cd I made the night before to lis..

I leave all roads nameless, just like their destinations.
I chewed my thumbnail and spit the excess out of the window,
Amberlee Carter

'Would You Like To Take A Trip With Me? '

Would you like to take a trip with me?
To a land of make-believe?
Linda Winchell

! ! A Business Trip. Sonnet for Epiphany.

Their wives were not too keen about it all:
beyond the call of duty, so it seemed;
Michael Shepherd

'When is your Next trip? ? ? '

I forgot to get up from bed to see morning shine
Cos you weren’t there to wake me
Annie Juliet

-A tagalog poem- Bad trip mode (ka rin ba?)

(Babala: ang susunod na tula ay pawang katuwaan lamang)
Minsan nakakabad trip lang talaga,
Elle Barr

Business Trip

You took an airplane again
Looking to be someone else
Jeffrey The Budgie

Last Trip

I was a full day dead and quite content
My last word and testament has been sent
Darlene Walsh

A Trip to Remember

Once I'd to travel
Across the seas
Tirupathi Chandrupatla

A Trip To The Moon

It would be fun, to take a trip to
the moon. And stay away and not
Audrey Heller

On a Proposed Trip South

They tell me on the morrow I must leave
This winter eyrie for a southern flight
William Carlos Williams

Have A Safe Trip

There are days that breaks our soul
there are days that make us cry
Juan Varela

Field Trip

Going on a
field trip...
lisa parks

Family road trip

Whipping from side to side
Slamming on the brakes
April Humason

A Long Trip

Life is a long trip
Where you get to sip
Seema Chowdhury

6-The Hunting Trip

Daddy went hunting.
Mamma went too.
Mary Nagy

The Road Trip

Chasing a road of no destination
I can fathom my flaiting dream
Megan Colligan

A Jack Russell's trip to the beach

My owners they took me to the beach
They parked facing the sea it was in reach

A long trip

That endless trip never ends Simply because we take it Everyday f ...

A Trip To The Sea

Seeing that I see to be blinded by what I see
Makes me not want to see.
Kolade Seun

A Trip to the Seaside

When the sun came out, we’d be gone
To Camber Sands – Me, Mum, Dad and John
Jean Sheridan

A Trip to Paris

A Trip to Paris
To enjoy a day Paris
Boonk Jackson

A Trip To Heaven

'There exists no heaven, '
Say some.
Mugdha Khedkar

Were going on a trip

Were going on a trip soon,
Won't be back for ages,
StaceyLeigh Olner

A Civic Holiday Trip

Lines on a civic holiday trip on the Grand Trunk,
to Toronto, August, 1882. Address to Mr. Hodge,
James McIntyre

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