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crazy crush! !

Wht a crazy crush
I know u can't b mine
Somia Race

The Boy In Me When I Was Twelve. (An Archive From Childhoo..

To you Esmil
The beauty in your smile
Achilles Mauko



The Crush of the Year! ! !

Catching my eye as my mindset was so out there
Not even thinking about love or friendship that year
Compton Wright

You Dont Know Me... But You Were Once My Only Crush

Explanation: I woke up at 3: 16am and decided to write about my dream..but then I soon realised I had been writing rhymes and now im publishing it for all to view so enjoy
when I first saw you I gigged and blushed
Kassy Bogdanoska

I Have A Crush On You

I have a crush on you,
I know it is for real.
alejandro m..


I think about you everyday
I plan out what to say
sania harris

A High School Crush

I look at you with lust and love
and I don’t know what to think
Zooey Lichty


Having a crush
Is to teach your heart
Norazah Norddin

Candy Crush (Halloween Candy Poem)

It’s Halloween and I've gorged again
Eating as much as several men
Eric Niehoff

My First Crush

Fair skin, lean look, and a casual gait,
My first crush walked in through the college gate.
Siya Pande

My First Crush

how can you say,
that it didnt mean anything,
Kurt Lippy

Crush them not  -new-

The nature has showed
And allowed
hasmukh amathalal

Crushed by your crush

When your crush finds out that you like him everything goes wrong
From not talking to you to talking about you behind your back
Ashley Jensen

Celebrity Crush

I see you
Hiding behind that smile
Jade chiKahn

My crush

Sitting alone in this lonely hallway
As you can see there's nothing left
ice johnson

Pop-up Adverts and how They Crush Your Soul

I sat by my screen intending to write
An ode to the woman who gives my soul flight
Flying Lemming

My secret crush

I sneak a look at him.
From under my eyelashes.
Elizabeth Clement

Stupidity and a crush

I stand in tears
I have so many fears
Melissa Desiree Reddy

Crushed by my crush

I just got crushed by my biggest crush
he smiled his cute lips
izzy barnwell

Ode to the Crush

I met you at an improv show,
thought it was a normal day, but that wasn’t so
Brad Jacole Sieths


Me and you, can never be us.
Just a memory of what never was. ...
Donnie Wolff

My Crush. My Boyfriend, My love

The day draws near, the day I stopped caring
The day when there was nothing but darkness
Ceauxlbie Gray

A little crush

I don’t know how it started
I don’t know how he feel about me
g black Black

Soccer Crush

Heyy Sexyy Soccer Player…
Looking oh so adorable sitting on the bench, makes me wanna come over and sit right next to you…
Denise Gamboa

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