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The Tombstone Told When She Died

The tombstone told when she died.
Her two surnames stopped me still.
Dylan Thomas

What The Chairman Told Tom

Poetry? It's a hobby.
I run model trains.
Basil Bunting

Small Town, Not a Ghost Town

I live in a small town
With no rivers to sail
Kay Barcelon

Tom's Garland

<i>upon the Unemployed</i>
Tom—garlanded with squat and surly steel
Gerard Manley Hopkins

We Go Out Together In the Staring Town

We go out together into the staring town
And buy cheese and bread and little jugs with
Kenneth Patchen

For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today

This was Veterans' Day, Nineteen Hundred Ninety-six,
As I watched the ceremonies, my thoughts were a mix
Ruth T. George

I Am Fashion’s Toy--

Oh! give to me of the bright green leaves,
For they tell me of the past;
Mary Eliza Perine Tucker Lambert


in those days
as cavemen..man feared
Samanyan Lakshminarayanan

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
By: Adam M. Snow
Adam M. Snow

Sonnet- Female Models And Today’s Fashion Shows

In the name of fashions, they wear the least!
Cat-walking, tip-toeing, clothed by a veil;
Dr John Celes

today's youth

It’s a lot harder growing up today.
Then anytime before
leticia starkey

Tone's Grave

In Bodenstown Churchyard there is a green grave,
Thomas Osborne Davis

Ode to the Tom Tom

Tom Tom
Tom Tom
James Hart

Tomorrow's Wind

Why am I without joy,
achieving everything,
Yevgeny Yevtushenko

Today's Women (Collection Of Rictameters)

Jyoti Sunit Chaudhary

Today's World

Todays world has nothing in it but corruption
Which in the end always leads to destruction
Adnan Siddiqui

One Tortoise's Reflection in Retirement

In the twenty year race that Colin Powell entered
Expecting to end with a lieutenant colonel's leaf
Bill Grace

! ! ! ! There is always tomorrow- Haiku

Floodgates are open,
Green crops ready for harvest drowned,
Mamta Agarwal

Tonight Tomorrow we dream

Seas of falling dreams passing through tonight's sky in there strange dismay stars screaming hope that tomorrow is another day, trying to keep it clea ...
Michael Ryan

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Today part of my life is shattered
and lay in pieces
Gert Strydom

Today... Tomorrow (no letter 'e' used)

So much to say
Modi ...

Today is never Tomorrow.

Still in the night,
Night of the lost,
Kayla LeBlanc

Toil's Sweet Content

The Man of Questions paused and stood
Before the Man of Toil,
Sam Walter Foss

No Matter How Tough The Winds Of Adversity May Blow, Set Y..

The winds of adversity can make you low.
The storms of tribulation can make you slow.
Bim Galimba

Tommy's Dwelling

I come from trenches deep in slime,
Soft slime so sweet and yellow,
Harold Parry

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