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Two Tramps in Mud Time

Out of the mud two strangers came
And caught me splitting wood in the yard,
Robert Frost

Thee, Thee, Only Thee

The dawning of morn, the daylight's sinking,
The night's long hours still find me thinking
Thomas Moore

A Translation of Mother Theresa's poem, 'Life'

A Translation of Mother Theresa’s 'Jeta'
Masiela Lusha

tree's -plant a tree day.

some trees are big,
some trees are small,
Holly Elizabeth

today's youth

It’s a lot harder growing up today.
Then anytime before
leticia starkey

For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today

This was Veterans' Day, Nineteen Hundred Ninety-six,
As I watched the ceremonies, my thoughts were a mix
Ruth T. George

We Go Out Together In the Staring Town

We go out together into the staring town
And buy cheese and bread and little jugs with
Kenneth Patchen

A Tongue—to tell Him I am true!

A Tongue—to tell Him I am true!
Emily Dickinson

Time And Time And Time Again

Time and time and time
David Keig

Trust- A thing in the past

I trusted you with my heart
and you tore it up
Vonna mckissick

Sonnet 122: Thy gift, thy tables, are within my brain

Thy gift, thy tables, are within my brain
Full charactered with lasting memory,
William Shakespeare

Trust Thou Thy Love

TRUST thou thy Love: if she be proud, is she not sweet?
Trust thou thy Love: if she be mute, is she not pure?
John Ruskin

I tried to think a lonelier Thing

I tried to think a lonelier Thing
Emily Dickinson

What The Chairman Told Tom

Poetry? It's a hobby.
I run model trains.
Basil Bunting

Two Songs Rewritten For The Tune's Sake

My Paistin Finn is my sole desire,
William Butler Yeats

Tiger's Rumour and other Parodies William Blake - The Tyger

Tyger’s Rumour
Rumour rushing rampant right
Jonathan ROBIN

Tomorrow's Morning

Do you ever hear it in the night,
The vibrant dreams of the world,
Alex McCullough

Travel Taiwan Haiku - National Palace Museum (Taipei)

5,000 years take up
its nook and corners
john tiong chunghoo

Meeting Today's Needs

Forty word poem:
A 'living wage' should always be
Joyce Hemsley

Time's Ticking Away

The pendulum swings,
In such a perpetual way,
Ernestine Northover

Tom's Little Dog

Tom told his dog called Tim to beg,
And up at once he sat,
Walter de la Mare

Sonnet 131: Thou art as tyrannous, so as thou art

Thou art as tyrannous, so as thou art,
As those whose beauties proudly make them cruel;
William Shakespeare

Tod's Amendment

The World hath set its heavy yoke
Upon the old white-bearded folk
Rudyard Kipling

Lonely, Lonely Tree'd Limb As Thee.

That lonely limb that did support yourself...
That lonely limb that did help stay you, as a helpless rag doll, tossed upon a shelf.
Michael Gale

Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle

Each stirring moment
of life leave us
Jeff Hobbs

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