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My Cup Overflows

I’ve not got lots of riches, and sometimes the road’s been tough
But I've got loved ones all around me, and that makes me rich enough.
William J. (Skip) Henderson Jr.

Overture to a Dance of Locomotives

Men with picked voices chant the names
of cities in a huge gallery: promises
William Carlos Williams

Overhead the Tree-Tops Meet

Overhead the tree-tops meet,
Flowers and grass spring 'neath one's feet;
Robert Browning

Overcoming Fear

A heart pounding exaltation into realms of the unknown,
Paralyzing dilemmas of insufferable images claimed as our own.
Howard Kern

Overprotective Parents

My parents don’t believe in me,
What should I do?
Starlight Dreams

Clancy of the Overflow

I had written him a letter which I had, for want of better
Knowledge, sent to where I met him down the Lachlan, years ago,
Banjo Paterson

Sonnet 16 - And yet, because thou overcomest so

And yet, because thou overcomest so,
Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Autumn—overlooked my Knitting

Autumn—overlooked my Knitting—
Emily Dickinson

All overgrown by cunning moss

All overgrown by cunning moss,
Emily Dickinson

Power Rangers-Orgasm Overdrive

Warning! The following may not be suitable for all readers or ages!
(Erotic parody of The Power Ranger's Operation Overdrive theme song)
Ramona Thompson

The Overland Mail

<i>(Foot-Service to the Hills)</i>
In the name of the Empress of India, make way,
Rudyard Kipling

Sa Aking Inang Bayan (piesa overtura de sonata)

.Lupang Hinirang
O bayan kong binusilak, ng perlas ng silangangan
Jonas Buenaventura San Pedro

On Overhearing Two Arguing About Poverty

I over heard two fellows arguing about poverty
Whilst I sat in the cafe drinking coffee
Francis Duggan


As I overdose these pills,
Watch me die,
Jennifer Rondeau

Overnight at the Riverside Tower

Evening colors linger on mountain paths.
Out beyond this study perched over River Gate,
Tu Fu

The Billy-Goat Overland

Come all ye lads of the droving days, ye gentlemen unafraid,
I'll tell you all of the greatest trip that ever a drover made,
Banjo Paterson

Overheard Through the Walls of the Invisible City

. . .telling those who swarm around him his desire
is that an appendage from each of them
Frank Bidart

Wild Gardens Overlooked by Night Lights

Wild gardens overlooked by night lights. Parking
lot trucks overlooked by night lights. Buildings
surya raman

Overcoming Poor Performance

I hear the screams,
Although you left the island…
Tim Kimball


Sleep, with her tender balm, her touch so kind,
Has passed me by;
Emily Pauline Johnson


Are they blue, gray or green? Mysterious eyes
(as if in fact you were looking through a mist)
Charles Baudelaire

Pain Is Overcome

Mye pain is overcome.
Love means more to me somehow
Charles Hice


how come at night
there is no longer any night
Scarlet .....

(672) Personal overview-Living with Rheumatoid arthri..

Many years ago in the early 80’s, my life was about to encounter an abrupt change. I was happily enjoying all the things that were going on in my life at that time. My husband and I enjoying good times, everything seemed to be nicely falling into place. The money was coming in on a regular basis, the children were doing well in school, sickness was almost non-existent. I was preparing for a body-building competition, my health, I thought was
excellent. I worked very hard in the gym, was determined to win the competition of course.
Melvina Germain

Overcoming pAin and feAr

He is a man full of dignity,
Carried his name with integrity;
Inner Whispers

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