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A Holiday

The Wife
The house is like a garden,
Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Summer Holiday

When the sun shouts and people abound
One thinks there were the ages of stone and the age of
Robinson Jeffers

The Evening Of The Holiday

The night is mild and clear, and without wind,
And o'er the roofs, and o'er the gardens round
Count Giacomo Leopardi

From 'A Severe Lack Of Holiday Spirit'

… People hit
the sauce in a big way all winter.
Amy Gerstler

Butchered To Make A Dutchman's Holiday

In prison cell I sadly sit,
A d__d crest-fallen chappie!
Harry 'Breaker' Harbord Morant

As On A Holiday

As on a holiday, when a farmer
Goes out to look at his fields, in the morning,
Friedrich Holderlin

! ! ! Our Holiday Memories! ! !

Holding hands,
beach's white sands,
kite remedy

Holiday Alliteration

Here's Hoping Happy Holidays Host Houses Holding Hue Held Happiness Helping Hearts Hurry Home
Dec.7,2009 ...
Dorothy (Alves) Holmes

The Seaside Holiday

The sun shines down upon the sand,
Lovers walking hand in hand,
Trevor Jenkins

Spanish Holiday

It's a holiday in Barcelona
in the warmth of the Spanish air,
Joyce Hemsley

Strange Fruit (Inspired By Billie Holiday)

Every day I bare the lashes of your insecurities, and you continue to beat me down with more of your lies. My heart is ripping at the seams and pieces ...
nadara curtis

The Perfect Holiday

Can, t wait to get away
Got the tickets ready to go
Douglas McClarty

A Statesman's Holiday

I lived among great houses,
Riches drove out rank,
William Butler Yeats

The Statesman's Holiday

I LIVED among great houses,
Riches drove out rank,
William Butler Yeats

(italian Collection) Poems From An Amalfi Coast Holiday ..

These poems are from a little book that I am writing and illustrating, about my holiday last week with my lover, Dónall, on the Amalfi Coast. We had a lovely little cabin on the side of the cliffs in Praiano, with a wonderful private balcony. Most of the eleven poems I wrote last week were composed there, in our own little Garden of Eden. This was not a honeymoon but it sealed our feelings for each other and confirmed Dónall as the love of my life.
1. On the Balcony:
Janice Windle

Alpine Holiday

He took the grade in second - quite a climb,
Dizzy and dangerous, yet how sublime!
Robert William Service

Holiday Too Spain

tube of toothpaste
whole can of beans
Lee Fones


Mixed emotion comes up when this is thrown around
John Doe

Summer Holiday Sonnet

The only sound, the traffic passing by,
A six-foot fence, the view from where I sit,
Terry Donovan

Simple Holiday

If we met under the mistletoe
Would you kiss me
Dominica Wolf

I Need A Holiday

Come let's fly away love
we'll hit the road today love
Charles M Moore

Summer Holiday

I'll warm these nuts
That give you plenty
Awsome Wells Dickenson


Once my daughter asked, ' why sunday does not come Every day? ' ' IF SUNDAY COMES EVERYDAY, THEN ...
HAR srishty

Holiday Romance

After our short meeting together I was unsure
at the time how best to react to it. After all,
Stanley Collymore

One Piece - Holy Holiday

Description: Luffy's song
Lyrics: Fujibayashi Shouko
Zen Dhosze

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