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! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ***DO YOU NEED TO KNOW..

Do you need to know me as what I am, ?
Let me tell you truth of earth spinning around sun
Dr subhendu kar

What you need to know. The Millitary.

I often wonder if our millitary would shoot us all one by one?
With bullets just a flying and blood a spraying from smoldering guns.
Brian McBrand

What Men Need To Know About Women

She will not be looking at you when the food arrives
She will not be looking at you in the midst of children
Lonnie Hicks

What Women Need To Know About Men

He is as simple as he seems, sex, food and sports.
If he is choosing work over sex, give more sex.
Lonnie Hicks

They Don't Need To Know

I'm locked out but I'm caged in
These emotions I'm facing
Daryl Verah

Need To Know

What I need you to always know within your heart and soul.
Is that I truly love you in my heart
Michael P. McParland

you need to know who your real friends are

Friends are people that you look up to
Not people you look at once and say booo
quawme hiersome

You Need Not Know

House corners sing a wind song to the blues.
The air randomly flows with shadow trees.
Sandra Fowler

I need to know if you even love me

You say you love your life...
You say you love your car...
Veronica Mendoza


Giggles here, laughter there,
A smile here and there.
Ann Kinyua

Before You Die You Need To Know

For my grandpa:
Before you go I think you should know,
Patrick OBrien

Need Not Know

World need not know
When wind gently blows
hasmukh amathalal

I need to know

I want to know,
Someone believes me.
Dragon Crenshaw

All we need to know

I boil the water
my soul feels
Jay Reynolds

Want or Need To Know?

What we want to know
may not be what we need to know
Philo Yan

You Need To Know

I may not know where i'm going to
I didn't like the things that you have put me through
Marcquiese Burrell

I need to know

Deep with in me a desire grows
Getting stronger each time I look at you
yolandey breedt

All Men Need To Know

All men upon this earthly sod, need to know The Truths of God,
Truths, revealed by The Creator, that leads a soul to The Savior,
Bob Gotti

I need to know

I have eyes,
But I cannot see what I need to see.
Mohabeer Beeharry

We Need To Know

And forcefully go
If there exists lovely land
hasmukh amathalal

I need to know you

Early morning
i need to know you

The First Thing You Need To Know

The first thing you need to know, is that I don’t like you!
You smell like dirty socks.
Aiden Bird

you need not know

Know not what you speak,
Know not what you hear,
Mehar Chauhan

You need to know

All you have to do In your life Is to know ...

you need to know: (  -new-

the more i go through around my head
the more i am sure to think...
Manauwer Raza

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