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Hit The Pavement… Run!

Hit the pavement; Run!
Pick up the slack
A.E.K.G Navrilith

Pavement Artist

I watch the workman place the paving stone
And, with a craftsman's dextrous care, smooth fine
Mary Spain

Nora on the Pavement

As Nora on the pavement
Dances, and she entrances the grey hour
Arthur Symons

Chasing Pavement

Hiding in the shadows
Crippled by the pain
Monica Singleton

This Grey Pavement and This Grey Sky (A Poem Without Irony)

This grey pavement and this grey sky
Will be here
Shalom Freedman

The Embroidered Pavements Of Mr. Chung Jik Woo

'The Kingdom of Heaven Is Within You.'
mary douglas

Bubble gum pavements

City pigeons make street art under bridges
A Jackson Pollock, something organic.
Mark Heathcote

Plants bursting up through pavement

Unexpected strength have they
Making us marvel in the way
Ketti Somethingoranother

Cracks in the Pavement

The machine feeds us our hate rations, Whites and Blacks, Young and Old; aren’t we all looking for the same acceptance? .
One day when we are gone the world will be beautiful again.
Alex Duchovny

Chasing Pavements

Take a walk
Let your feet rub off the hopscotch squares you tattooed on the pavements with chalk
CherylAnn Helena Goh


She is drawing my face on the pavement
Aldo Kraas

The Pavement Stones :A Song of the Unemployed

WHEN first I came to town, resolved
To fight my way alone,
Henry Lawson

Poet on the Pavement

Mouth full of blood
Heart begins to wonder
Derek Ouyang

Boys Playing Chess On The Pavement

Two armies meet upon the street,
And there the balance hangs,
Tony Elsby (Poems of life and love)

Sonnet XII: Now, O'er the Tesselated Pavement

Now, o'er the tessellated pavement strew
Fresh saffron, steep'd in essence of the rose,
Mary Darby Robinson

Pavement Poet

God's truth! these be the bitter times.
In vain I sing my sheaf of rhymes,
Robert William Service

Pavement(sidewalk) Eyes

In a rumble tumble morning
After an evenings firelight glow
Bill Smith

Pavements of time.

I walk this concrete jungle
On pavements, paved and cracked
Graham Jones

Beneath Old Roads and Pavement Paths

According to late morning light, when starred,
There breathes dead form; red form to gel us all,
Sean Godley

Pavements Of Time

I walk this concrete jungle
On pavements, paved now cracked
Sara Stowell

The Pigeon On The Pavement

The way she holds herself
Says it wasn't her alone
Thomas Doubting


Friend lets
Toss a coin
Aldo Kraas

Pavements and Partings

The pavement waters parted…
No need for a Moses:
Tony Jolley

Wet Pavement

When you come across
A pavement in your life
Seema Chowdhury

Glass Pavements.

The world has ended but i live on,
selling souls on glass sidewalks no one will walk on.
Peya Jakob

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