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Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
Alison Cassidy

Mary, Mother Of Jesus

In Roman times, when swords were raised,
And peace on Earth was rare,
Denis Martindale

To Mary

I sleep with thee, and wake with thee,
And yet thou art not there;
John Clare

Mary, Pity Women!

You call yourself a man,
For all you used to swear,
Rudyard Kipling

Island Mary

after the all been done and i
one old creature carried on
Lucille Clifton

Lament Of Mary Queen Of Scots

SMILE of the Moon!---for I so name
That silent greeting from above;
William Wordsworth

Mary and Gabriel

Young Mary, loitering once her garden way,
Rupert Brooke

Highland Mary

Ye banks, and braes, and streams around
The castle o' Montgomery,
Robert Burns

‘Happy Birthday’, Mother Mary!

8th September – your birthday,
O Queen of heaven, all say;
Dr John Celes

Mary did you know?

This is one of my favorite songs.
Mary, did you know
Alana Simpkins

Sonnet: Mary, Mother of God

O Heavenly Mother of Jesus Christ!
O Virgin Queen, our Mother too, divine
Dr John Celes


And if you ask me what a Christian is
I'd say, not him who's pure in word and deed,
Godfrey Rust

My Bonnie Mary

GO fetch to me a pint o' wine,
   An' fill it in a silver tassie,
Robert Burns

Mary - A Ballad

Author Note: The story of the following ballad was related to me, when a school boy, as a fact which had really happened in the North of England. I have
adopted the metre of Mr. Lewis's Alonzo and Imogene--a poem deservedly
Robert Southey

Mary had a Little Vamp and Other Parodies after Sarah Jose..

Mary had a little vamp,
whose teeth glowed white as snow,
Jonathan ROBIN

Epitaph On the Lady Mary Villiers

THE Lady Mary Villiers lies
Under this stone; with weeping eyes
Thomas Carew

John Kinsella's Lament For Mr. Mary Moore

A BLOODY and a sudden end,
Gunshot or a noose,
William Butler Yeats

Epitaph On The Late Mary Villiers

The Lady Mary Villiers lies
Under this stone; with weeping eyes
Thomas Carew


I tell Mary
the other morning,
Katrina Guarascio

Mary Morison

O Mary, at thy window be!
Robert Burns

Lament of Mary, Queen of Scots, On the Approach of Spring

Now Nature hangs her mantle green
On every blooming tree,
Robert Burns

Song: Yes, Mary Ann, I Freely Grant

Yes, Mary Ann, I freely grant,
The charms of Henry's eyes I see;
Amelia Opie

Mary Had A Little Pig

Mary had a little pig,
she knew that pigs did grunt
Herbert Nehrlich

A Letter.....For Mary

There's an old road
James B. Earley

Mary Lost her Little Lamb

Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb
Mary had a little lamb its fleece as white as snow.
Aplier Hao

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