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Won't You come make a change in my life (parody of John Fo..

Dear Lord, Yes, it's been a while Verse 1
My world's come in two
Jesse Overton

To Be Sisters Dedicated to Elvira North & Willa Blac..

Dear Sister, You are close, to my heart
It's been that way from the very start
Laura Hall

Cavalry Crossing A Ford

A LINE in long array, where they wind betwixt green islands;
Walt Whitman

Ford O' Kabul River

Kabul town's by Kabul river --
Blow the bugle, draw the sword --
Rudyard Kipling

Flower-De-Luce: Killed At The Ford

He is dead, the beautiful youth,
The heart of honor, the tongue of truth,
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I Went Out Searching, For John Ford Dreams

A man goes out searching
searching for what's unseen,
Smoky Hoss

In Memoriam Alphonse Campbell Fordham

Almost whose last words were
'We shall meet beyond the River.'
Mary Weston Fordham

Heriot's Ford

"What's that that hirples at my side?"
<i>The foe that you must fight, my lord.</i>
Rudyard Kipling

Stella At Wood Park, A House Of Charles Ford, Esq., Near D..

Don Carlos, in a merry spight,
Did Stella to his house invite:
Jonathan Swift

The Shallows Of The Ford

Did you ever wait for daylight
when the stars along the river
Henry Herbert Knibbs

Bauld Robin Ford

Bauld Robin Ford, frae Glasgow toon,
Cam' here an' spent a nicht wi' me;
Alexander Anderson

Rob Ford Is My Hero

I stare along the plateau of plastic bags.
Situated in rows,
A.j. Binash

Poe's Cottage At Fordham

Here lived the soul enchanted
By melody of song;
John Henry Boner

Satisfaction In Fords

Seat back into the pleasure position: ransacked
it seems to be, though taken on willingly,
Lamont Palmer

Memory Of Brandon Ford

Time have been rough.
Your life have been cut short.
LongLive BrokenHeart

John Ford: VI

HEW hard the marble from the mountain’s heart
Where hardest night holds fast in iron gloom
Algernon Charles Swinburne

Ford has a Better Idea

Ford trucks in Texas can be found at the Ford House,
Henry Ford was much more than a major industrialist who produced Model-T’s,
Joe Rosochacki

Moore's Ford Fats Blues

See that mean old fat man
Riding down the road,
Samuel Hardman

Webster Ford

Do you remember, O Delphic Apollo,
The sunset hour by the river, when Mickey M'Grew
Edgar Lee Masters

Moore's Ford Lynching I

The Appalachee ran red the day
The Klan used its shameful mace!
Samuel Hardman

Moore's Ford Lynching II

When I was fair and young,
I lived without a care;
Samuel Hardman

! John of Forde, his witness

John of Forde
Kneeling there, the candles living flame
Michael Shepherd

The Moore's Ford Blues

Down on the Apalachee,
A few miles from town,
Samuel Hardman


(Dedicated to Gerald Ford who died December 26,2006.)
In 1974 you became the 38th President of the United States.
Randy Johnson

! Abbot John of Forde at prayer

All the wonders under heaven and earth
would take more than a lifetime to enumerate –
Michael Shepherd

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