Seema Chowdhury

Seema Chowdhury Poems

1. Enjoy A Beautiful Life 8/17/2006
2. Drink Joy's Wine 8/17/2006
3. God Stand By My Side 8/19/2006
4. Happy 10th Anniversary 10/14/2006
5. In A Huge Ocean 10/15/2006
6. Happiness Found 10/15/2006
7. Happy Father's Day 10/18/2006
8. Hueless World 10/18/2006
9. Share Your Hopes 8/14/2006
10. Missing Colors 8/14/2006
11. In The Real World 8/16/2006
12. Dreams Of Change 8/16/2006
13. Medicine Of Pain 8/16/2006
14. Look At This Flower......... 8/16/2006
15. My Image Of The Paradise 8/17/2006
16. Land Of Hope 10/21/2006
17. Pray For A Miracle 10/21/2006
18. Profound Love 10/21/2006
19. Inner Power 11/17/2006
20. Another Step.... 11/17/2006
21. Events Of Life 11/17/2006
22. Long Burried Sadness 11/17/2006
23. Difficult Issues 11/18/2006
24. Whirlwind Of Words 11/18/2006
25. World Of Tomorrow 11/18/2006
26. Incomplete Day.... 11/18/2006
27. Ending Life's Story 1/20/2007
28. Ending This Year 1/20/2007
29. Thought Pattern 5/20/2007
30. Trust Your Heart 5/20/2007
31. The Kind Of Prayers 5/20/2007
32. Surrender To Faith 5/20/2007
33. Wounded Memories 5/20/2007
34. Cry Of The Soul 5/21/2007
35. Towards God 5/21/2007
36. Unique Power 5/21/2007
37. A Wish For You 5/21/2007
38. Laugh Loudly 5/21/2007
39. Come To Pass 5/21/2007
40. New Vista 5/21/2007
Best Poem of Seema Chowdhury

New Battle Of Life

Life is a daring adventuure
Where we al play our roles
Where sun shines to clear the clouds
Of mistrust, pang and doubts

Where each day is a new challenge
And we're expected to fight
This new battle of luck and fate
And enter in accomplishment's gate

So don't lose hope or ever sigh
In life's journey to negative thoughts say bye
And see what is happening in your life
That you can change here to survive

And always remember that its fair
To cling on to hope and on God dear
Put your faith and hope for the best
In each and every life's ...

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God's Plan Is Perfect

Step out of your anger, pain and regrets
And enjoy the view of life at the break of dawn
Where sun gradually washes light at the skyline
So you can absorb in the magical and miraculous vision
And talk to merciful God and enjoy the morning sunshine
To find peace and hope that can change life for better...

Life is a blessing so enjoy the soft haze
And unwrap the day to come out of darkness

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