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Senator alufalism

(Warri delta state, Nigeria)

Biography of Senator alufalism

Senator alufalism poet

My life is more important to me, though i come from a small family and i was rise by my grand parents in a place called warri in delta state, nigeria. My life was like getting every thing i needed 4 myself, even when i was seventeen i was like that old man sitting next to you in thought. Well my best friend pass on may 10th 2011 in my sight(my grand pa) . Many sees me as the next phase of nigeria senate, i am a very easy going guy but i dislike education madness(oppressing others with the little knowledge you have) . I'm in school and showing the world what is inside africa child. I founded a group called 'house of alufalism', while most times it is called 'house of rebel aka house of senate', this group is formed for the purpose of recreating our mind and give change a chance to uplift our thinking by bringing together the best and the willing and teach them how to control their long desire potential e.t.c Updates


To prove how unpredictable a man can be,
give him POWER.
every powerless man is an humble personality,
what makes a man to become outlaw,
is the amount of Power he controls at that point in time!
don't call him an humble and faithful man but call him a Powerless man.
He bowed down his head,
because he had no Power to lift up his head before the Powerful.
powerless man plead for something,

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