Treasure Island

Sesan Falade

Poems of Sesan Falade

1. Agents of Raging Flames 10/30/2013
2. An Angel from the Library 2/26/2013
3. Beware of Thyduza! ! ! 8/3/2013
4. Chasing Star 5/1/2013
5. I am An African 5/3/2013
6. Incredible Ants 7/3/2013
7. Lustrous [Your Beauty Part1] 7/21/2014
8. Outstanding Beauty [Your Beauty Part2] 7/21/2014
9. Perfect Rhymes 5/14/2013
10. Santa! Santa! ! 12/29/2013
11. Sorcery Pool 5/1/2013

Sorcery Pool

I see you from afar, you are a glassy pool on the road
No river so near, no fog really showed
The sun so bright, no cloud dropped a tear
The air so hot, no dew could dare
How you got there, puzzled my mind
On getting where you are, you left me behind
Ahead of me, i see you again
Again and again, i reach you in vain
The magic you have got, charms little brain of mine

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