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Greetings, CrypticT0xin here! You may know me previously on Wattpad as a writer of Fictional Short Stories. I'm in college and I have been plagued with a bunch of required poetry (a genre I am terrible at) however reading through a few of them I thought I did pretty well so I decided, hey why not post them online and see what others think? So please... Bombard me with your comments and critiques!

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How can you possess so much power over me,
How can my loss, my hopelessness, how can my say,
Be destroyed simply by what you make me see?

How does this stuff happen, how can this be?
How is it possible for this to be nothing but cliche,
I can't help but fumble, cause a big struggle, and plea.

I guess I still can't understand, how are you my key?

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