Treasure Island

Shafiqul Islam

Poems of Shafiqul Islam

1. About a Bird: 8/13/2008
2. An Indestructible Tree. 8/13/2008
3. I am suffering from insomnia 8/13/2008
4. No Mirage 8/21/2008
5. O cool breeze blowing from the Jordon river 8/21/2008
6. On Our Times and Our Country 2/27/2009
7. Palestine in my heart 8/21/2008
8. Sharon, the Man of Peace 8/21/2008
9. Unbearable 8/13/2008
10. United Nations 8/13/2008
11. Victory will be surely theirs 8/21/2008

About a Bird:

About a Bird:

When at melancholy noon all birds wearily slumber
with eyes half-shut,
when the harsh Loo wind roars fiercely
And roams all over the desert like a pack of hyenas,
when with harshness and emptiness
stretching from horizon to horizon

[Hata Bildir]