Shalom Freedman

Bronze Star - 2,132 Points (Troy New York)

Shalom Freedman Poems

161. All Day Long/ In Errands And Distractions 2/27/2014
162. All Day Long/I Have Been Walking And Thinking 3/24/2009
163. All I Am 8/12/2012
164. All I Can Do 11/13/2008
165. All I Can Do Is What I Am 4/14/2010
166. All I Can Do Is Write Poems 4/26/2010
167. All I Can Do Now Is Write Another Poem 3/25/2012
168. All I Feel 5/15/2008
169. All I Have Now Is Poems 3/15/2014
170. All I Want From This Walk Is A Poem 1/1/2010
171. All I Wanted Was Poems 8/7/2013
172. All Is So Right In God's World 11/17/2013
173. All Men Die 3/11/2009
174. All My Life / I Wanted To Write 12/10/2008
175. All My Life I Have Been Waiting To Be Discovered 7/3/2012
176. All My Life/ These Little Poems 7/2/2009
177. All My Poems Rage In Me 3/3/2009
178. All Of Me 12/3/2008
179. All Our Life We Are Losing Our Lives As We Are Living Them 10/8/2013
180. All The Beauty Of All These Poems 5/15/2014
181. All The Feelings At The Edge 12/31/2012
182. All The Life Unwritten 12/21/2013
183. All The Lines Of Despair 7/12/2008
184. All The Lonely Years / All The Dreams 7/1/2011
185. All The Peace I Have 1/7/2012
186. All The Poems Are A Metaphor 3/4/2009
187. All The Poems In The World 12/9/2008
188. All The Poems In The World Mean Nothing To Me 11/21/2012
189. All The Poems Remain Written Where They Once Never Were 2/27/2008
190. All The Poems/Will Not Save 7/23/2008
191. All The Roads Seem Open Again 4/22/2009
192. All The Sadness I Can Never Write 1/29/2012
193. All The Things Are Going On At Once 12/29/2013
194. All The Things Which I Would Be 12/1/2009
195. All The Words 6/5/2008
196. All The Words Return Upon Myself 11/10/2010
197. All The World Is A Poem/ 7/23/2013
198. All These Complaints And Sadnesses 10/25/2009
199. All These Complaints And Self-Pity 1/10/2014
200. All These Feelings 7/6/2012
Best Poem of Shalom Freedman

Poems About Poems About Poems

Poems about poems about poems-
More poems and more poems and more poems-
Poems poems poems poems poems-
How many poems?
How much poetry
Until there is no poetry at all?

But only 'words' and 'words' and 'words'
Until one goes far away
Where there was never a poem before-
And suddenly hears
“Let there be Light”.

And Poetry perhaps
Is born again.

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The Poetry Calms Me


The Poetry calms me
It gives me blessing and rest
I listen to it
And within me I am at peace again-

The Poetry is the best of my inner life
What I really am
When I am what I am
Thank God for the poetry
That calms me and keeps me alive.

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