Shane Clift

Rookie (Seattle)

Shane Clift Poems

1. Eagle 12/20/2007
2. Devotion And Desire 12/20/2007
3. Seems Perfect 12/28/2007
4. What About Me 1/4/2008
5. Dont Forget To Remember Me 1/8/2008
6. Rain 1/8/2008
7. Cancer 1/8/2008
8. Love 1/8/2008
9. Secret 1/8/2008
10. He Called Them Home 1/22/2008
11. For My Husband 1/23/2008
12. Teardrops On My Valentines Card 2/19/2008
13. Dance 3/5/2008
14. We Are One 3/6/2008
15. She Lost Out 4/15/2008
16. Addiction 5/20/2008
17. Lifes Summary 6/12/2008
18. Heartbreak 6/12/2008
19. Happiness And Insanity 6/12/2008
20. Life Quote 6/16/2008
21. Love Changes 12/20/2007
22. Expensive Rose 12/20/2007
23. Nothing There That Isn'T Supposed To Be 8/30/2008
24. Twilight 1/14/2009
25. In A Dream 1/8/2008
26. Questions 1/8/2008
27. A Single Tear 12/20/2007
28. Dear Romeo 5/20/2008
29. I Let Him Go 6/9/2008
30. I Wish You Enough 1/9/2008
31. A Mothers Love 1/14/2008
32. Angel At Your Back 6/18/2008
33. I Need You And You Are Not Here 1/2/2008
34. Would You Miss Me 1/2/2008
35. A Friend To You 1/8/2008
Best Poem of Shane Clift

A Friend To You

Here is a hug from me to you
A kiss on the cheek to help the sun shine through
A smile for your eyes so only sweet thoughts go through your mind
A laugh for your ears to help ease any fear
A touch on the hand to remind you I am near
Words from my heart to help make you fly
Always know a friend is by your side

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I try to reach it but I can't it is flying to high.
I try to leash it but I cannot it is too smart.
I try to catch it but it seems impossible for it is too fast.
I see it fly up above the trees high above the land.
When you look at it you see inner spirit and pride.
A world completely different from your own but still it seems so much the same.
You want independence and freedom to make your own dreams.
You want to be fast enough to catch them and strong enough to believe you can succeed.

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