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161. The Path Of Pride 7/28/2011
162. The Perfcet Christmas Day 10/7/2011
163. The Perfect Angel 7/25/2011
164. The Postive Independence 7/4/2011
165. The Rustling Heart 7/3/2011
166. The Snow 7/29/2011
167. The Stillness And Shadows 7/4/2011
168. The Storm 7/29/2011
169. The Storm With A Heart 7/30/2011
170. The Tree For The Seasons 8/29/2011
171. The Uncried Tears 9/24/2011
172. The Wars Of Life 7/29/2011
173. The Weather Of The Sin 9/9/2011
174. The Whipers Of The Ocean Buddies 7/5/2011
175. The World's Flash 6/14/2012
176. The Year Of The Fairytales 8/5/2011
177. Thruth And Harps 7/3/2011
178. To Slip Away 6/20/2012
179. True (The Maze Of Chains) Feelings 7/29/2011
180. Understanding Love And Pain 1/5/2013
181. Walls Of Power 8/10/2011
182. Waves And Beliefs 4/28/2012
183. Winters Love 8/2/2016
184. Wires And Fingertips 6/19/2012
185. Words And Stars 1/14/2012
186. Worthlessness To Beauty 7/27/2011
187. Your Trust Is Tested 8/5/2011
188. Youth And Body 6/12/2012
Best Poem of Sharron Stephenson

A Child Inside

i have a burning feeling inside,
like i am been torn apart,
the pain is unbearable,
the flashbacks are the worst,
nightmares are taken the toll on me,
i wish it was all gone there,
are times like now when i wish i was never,

is this due to the feeling i was to blame?
this was all my fault,
he kept saying to me. if i told they would,
not belive me,
and i would be taking away,

could i have dealt? with all the problems,
in a driffrent way,
all this is wrong,

i feel like i what to die right now,

i need help ...

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Step And Blood

count the tears that roll down my broken
feel the pain that roams around these eyes
of ice
chain the soul to the gaurd with keys
sugar the sour emtions that flows
witth water of salt

colour the body with ink of blood which

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