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161. The Path Of Pride 7/28/2011
162. The Perfcet Christmas Day 10/7/2011
163. The Perfect Angel 7/25/2011
164. The Postive Independence 7/4/2011
165. The Rustling Heart 7/3/2011
166. The Snow 7/29/2011
167. The Stillness And Shadows 7/4/2011
168. The Storm 7/29/2011
169. The Storm With A Heart 7/30/2011
170. The Tree For The Seasons 8/29/2011
171. The Uncried Tears 9/24/2011
172. The Wars Of Life 7/29/2011
173. The Weather Of The Sin 9/9/2011
174. The Whipers Of The Ocean Buddies 7/5/2011
175. The World's Flash 6/14/2012
176. The Year Of The Fairytales 8/5/2011
177. Thruth And Harps 7/3/2011
178. To Slip Away 6/20/2012
179. True (The Maze Of Chains) Feelings 7/29/2011
180. Understanding Love And Pain 1/5/2013
181. Walls Of Power 8/10/2011
182. Waves And Beliefs 4/28/2012
183. Winters Love 8/2/2016
184. Wires And Fingertips 6/19/2012
185. Words And Stars 1/14/2012
186. Worthlessness To Beauty 7/27/2011
187. Your Trust Is Tested 8/5/2011
188. Youth And Body 6/12/2012
Best Poem of Sharron Stephenson

A Child Inside

i have a burning feeling inside,
like i am been torn apart,
the pain is unbearable,
the flashbacks are the worst,
nightmares are taken the toll on me,
i wish it was all gone there,
are times like now when i wish i was never,

is this due to the feeling i was to blame?
this was all my fault,
he kept saying to me. if i told they would,
not belive me,
and i would be taking away,

could i have dealt? with all the problems,
in a driffrent way,
all this is wrong,

i feel like i what to die right now,

i need help ...

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A Sparkle Of Disarray

to find that magcial sparkle,
of peace and comfort,
in a mind of disarray,
is not a easy thing to do,

close the lid and lock away,
is not the way to go,
face the problem and jump the hurdle,
with tears fears and friends,

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