Treasure Island

Shauna Stoltz

(03/02/1990 / Washington)

Biography of Shauna Stoltz

I'm 17 and I got to Washington High School in Washington Missouri. My first poem was published when I was 15 and I relized that dreams can come true. I'm the youngest of 6 kids so I have alot of encouragment from my family. I found the love of my life when I was 16 and he's been my biggest fan. I've always enjoyed writeing poetry ever since I was little. I'd recite Shakespeare at age 4 before I even knew who he was. That's when I knew for a face that this was my calling. To touch as many people as I can with my poetry. If you want to see more of my poems go to

Shauna Stoltz's Works:

I haven't had any books published just about me. I have had some of my poems published in anthologies aroudn the globe. The poems I have published are: Chosen One, cancer, When I die, Shadow of doubt, only you, and You've helped me. Updates


What are we doing
are we really living
is our life real
or is it just a game

a game that
God is playing
to make it to heaven
then we'll be winning

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