Shauntae Taylor

Rookie (march 5 1992 / The Hospital)

Biography of Shauntae Taylor

Wats Good for all of those who don't know me. My name is Shauntae i am truly in love with the love of my life. Myself LOLZ. But i love to juss be me. And me only. I love hanging out with my friends, and family. I am avery Outgoing person, I Love to have a good time. I can be serious at times, but that is when i have to be. mOST people say that i am funny, but i dnt see it....I am not antisocial, i'm juss not friendly...i go by many names....PsychoKill, EMOtionless, SuIcIdE SiLeNcE..But my favorite is GoThIc.PrInCe.oF.DaRkNeSs Updates

My Past

My past is my past
Why can't anyone seem to let it pass.

My past is something that I'm not proud of,
But still thats why its called the past.

I hate it when people bring up your pastnto affect your present.

Leave and let it be.

My pasy is my past
Why can't you see it like that

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