Shawanda Polk

Rookie (November / Birmingham)

Biography of Shawanda Polk

My name is Shawanda Polk. I was born in Birmingham, Alabama on November 1.I have four sisters and one brother.I started writing poems when I was 13years-old.I was begg to write with this place in Ohio. I turned them down because im still in school at Holy Family High.I only write poems when it comes to me..! Updates

What Is A Bestfriend?

What is a bestfriend?
I thought I had a bestfriend
Until I found out what it really means
A bestfriend is someone that will be there for you through thick and thin
A bestfriend is someone that will not talk about you behind your back
A bestfriend will not try to change and just love you for you
A bestfriend is someone you tell personal things to
A bestfriend is the one who dries your tears
A bestfriend don't have to answer the phone 'WHO IS THIS'

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