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(18/8/1947 / Aberdeen)

Biography of sheena blackhall

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Sheena Blackhall is a writer, illustrator, traditional ballad singer and storyteller in North East Scotland. From 1998-2003 she was Creative Writing Fellow in Scots at Aberdeen University's Elphinstone Institute.She has published four Scots novellas, twelve short story collections and eighty eight poetry collections, some of which are listed here (most recent first) . Two of her plays have been televised. She has won several national awards for Scots poetry and short-story writing. In 2009 she became the poet laureate for Aberdeen & the North East of Scotland.

sheena blackhall's Works:

1984: The Cyard's Kist (Poems) Rainbow Publishing
1986: The Spik o the Lan (Poems) Rainbow Publishing
1987: Hamedrauchtit (Poems) Rainbow Publishing
1989: Nor East Neuk (Poems) Charles Murray Trust
1989: Fite Doo/ Black Crow (Poems) Keith Murray Publications ISBN 1 870978 20X
1989: Nippick o Nor East Tales (Short stories) Keith Murray Publications ISBN 1 870978 099
1991: A Toosht o Whigmaleeries (Poems) Hammerfield Publishing
1991: Reets (Short stories) Keith Murray Publications ISBN 870978 331
1992: A Hint o Granite (Short stories) Hammerfield Publishing
1993: Back o Bennachie (Poems) Hammerfield Publishing
1993: Braeheid. A Fairm an its Fowk (Short stories) Hammerfield Publishing
1994: Druids, Drachts, Drochles (Poems) Hammerfield Publishing
1995: Stagwyse (Selected Poems) Charles Murray Trust ISBN 0952 1142 59
1995: A Kenspeckle Creel (Short stories) Hammerfield Publishing
1996: Lament fur the Raj (Poems) GKB Enterprises ISBN 0952 655403
1996: Wittgenstein's Web (Short stories) GKB Enterprises ISBN 09526554 11
1997: The Life Bluid o Cromar (Poems) Hammerfield Publishing
1997: Gliong Gliong (Poems in Gaelic - screived unner name o Sine NicThearlaich) Hammerfield Publishing
1998: The Bonsai Grower (Short stories) GKB Enterprises ISBN 095 2655 42 X
1999: Millennium Blues (Poems) Hammerfield Publishing
1999: The Heilanman's Sporran (Poems) GKB Enterprises ISBN 095 2655 43 8
1999: Death, Demons, Perfume and Pearls (Poems) Limousine Bull
2000: The Twa B's (Poems) Shopmobility
2000: The Telepathic Butcher's Boy (Poems) SPA
2000: The Singing Bird (Poems) GKB Enterprises ISBN 0952655446
2000: Dancing with Maenads (Poems) Keith Murray Publishing
2000: Skin Balaclavas (Poems - jintly wi John Easton) Finavon Print and Design ISBN 0 9528813 7 3
2001: Spik nae Evil (Bairn poems - jintly wi Les Wheeler) Gordon Booth Publications ISBN 0 9526554 5 4
2001: Bringing up the Tail (Poems - jintly wi John Easton) Finavon Print and Design ISBN 0 9541689 0 9
2002: The Fower Quarters (Short Stories) GKB Enterprises ISBN 095 2655446 2
2002: A Boorich o Breets (Poems) Severin Books
2003: A Boorich o Fowk (Poems) Severin Books
2003: Loon (Scots novella) Itchy Coo ISBN 1 902927 72 9
2003: Queerieorrals (Poems) Severin Books
2003: Winnlestrae: Cradlit, Coortit, Waddit, Kistit (Poems) Severin Books
2004: Minnie (Scots novella) SLRC ISBN 1 899920 03X
2004: The Dule Tree (Poems) Finavon Print & Design ISBN 0-9541689-8
2004: Diminishing Lines (Poems) Ltd Ed. Thistle Repro
2004: Preparing to meet the Minotaur (Poems) Ltd. Ed. Thistle Repro
2004: The Wizard o the North (Poems for Halflins) Ltd. Ed. Thistle Repro
2004: Katy the Crocodile (Poems for Littlins) Ltd. Ed. Thistle Repro
2004: Indian Peter (Bairn Tales) Ltd. Ed. Thistle Repro
2004: The Toad on the Rock's Opinion (Poems) Ltd. Ed. Thistle Repro
2004: The Lan o Tea an Tigers (Poems) Ltd. Ed. Thistle Repro
2004: The Tower o Babel (Owersettins) Ltd. Ed. Thistle Repro
2004: The Boddamer's Monkey (Poems) Ltd. Ed. Thistle Repro
2004: The Humpty Dumpty Man (Poems) Ltd. Ed. Thistle Repro
2004: Pie in the Sky (Short Stories) Ltd. Ed. Thistle Repro
2004: Pandora's Box (Poems) Ltd. Ed. Thistle Repro
2004: Gallery Prints (Poems - jintly wi Les Wheeler) Lochlands
2004: Hairst o Thorns (Poems) Lochlands
2004: Serendipity (Poems) Lochlands
2005: The Win an the Rain (Poems) Lochlands
2005: Death of a Pope (Poems) Varsity o Aiberdeen
2005: Sergeant Buchan’s Jacket (Poems) Lochlands
2005: Ferlies (Poems) Lochlands
2006: The Tiger o Trincomalee (Bairn Poems) malfranteaux concepts
2006: The Owl Hour (Poems) malfranteaux concepts
2006: Past Masters (Poems) Lochlands
2006: The Sea Quine (Poems) malfranteaux concepts
2006: The Heavenly Cow of Thebes (Poems) Lochlands
2006: The Likeable Ordeal (Poems) Severin Books
2006: Dragon Rikk (Poems & Tales for Halflins an Littlins) malfranteaux concepts
2007: On Brigid's Day (Poems) malfranteaux concepts
2007: The Quarry (Novella) Lochlands
2007: The Pierrot's Narrative (Poems) malfranteaux concepts
2007: The Dragon's Vertebrae (Poems an Tales) malfranteaux concepts
2007: Absences (Poems) Lochlands
2008: The Hoose o the Cacklefart Hen (Poems) Lochlands
2008: The Gods of Grayfriars Lane (Novella) Lochlands
2008: Dead Men's Whispers (Poems) Lochlands
2008: Hinkum-Clinkum (Bairn Rhymes) malfranteaux concepts
2008: The Wind's Nest: (Poems) Lochlands
2008: Waking in Wolf Light: (Poems & Stories) Lochlands
2008: The Red Horseman: (Poems & Play) Lochlands
2008: Metamorphosis 62: (Poems & Prose) malfranteaux concepts
2009: Figurehead (Poems & Prose) Lochlands*
2009: Danse Macabre: Writings Round a Festival (Poems & Songs) Lochlands
2009: Peacock (Poems) Lochlands
2009: The Barley Queen (Poems & Prose) Malfranteaux Concepts
2009: A Visit to Planet Auschwitz (Poems & Prose) Lochlands
2009: Cats in a Gale (Bairn Poems) Lochlands
2009: The Ship of Fools (Poems & Story) Malfranteaux Concepts
2009: Victor Vratch the Craa (Bairn Stories) Lochlands
2010: Isle o the Deid (Short Story Collection) Malfranteaux Concepts ISBN 978 1 870978 63 7
2010: The Skreich (Poems) Lochlands Updates

Growing Down

I loved to hear him gasp with scared delight
Safe in my grasp, as we slid down the peat
Between the fir tree branches, low with cones
Close to the thundering Falls on angled feet

His tumbled toddler knees were brown with bark
Behind my skirts, he’d bounce and wave for fun
A wingless fledgling, golden in the light
Greeting the waters haloed by the sun

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