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Biography of shreya nair

hello, how is life on earth? LOL! i am Shreya. i love reading and writing. music is my third weakness. i am popular in my school because of my headstrong behavior. they say i have attitude well, the hell YEAH! i do! i am the lazied person on earth! i love making friends. i am skilled in contemprory dance, and fairly good at martial arts (HIYA!) i want to become an IAS officer. partly b'caz it's like licence to kill! and partly b'caz i wanna be the change the world needs.. Updates

Behind The Mask.

Somewhere beyond the horizon a bluebird wails
I know that feeling; I know that heart that ails.
It’s not the right time to say to you this,
I know it’s too late to think,
But you still walk through my way,
Even though, you are miles away.
Walking through the path you left behind,
Searching for the heart you took away.
The spin of love and hatred is only a coin’s flip away

[Hata Bildir]