Treasure Island

shreya nair

[zara ashrey]

Biography of shreya nair

hello, how is life on earth? LOL! i am Shreya. i love reading and writing. music is my third weakness. i am popular in my school because of my headstrong behavior. they say i have attitude well, the hell YEAH! i do! i am the lazied person on earth! i love making friends. i am skilled in contemprory dance, and fairly good at martial arts (HIYA!) i want to become an IAS officer. partly b'caz it's like licence to kill! and partly b'caz i wanna be the change the world needs.. Updates

Before you fall..

No matter in which corner of world you are,
no matter how hard the wind is,
no matter how far we are apart,
your not alone.
together we stand, and remember:
When darkness is upon your door,
And you feel like it’s a lost battle,
All your defenses have been destroyed,
And you know it’s a dusk of your life,

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