Treasure Island

Siegfried Sassoon

(1886 - 1967 / Kent / England)

Poems of Siegfried Sassoon

161. Villon 1/3/2003
162. Vision 1/3/2003
163. What the Captain Said at the Point-to-Point 1/3/2003
164. When I’m among a Blaze of Lights 1/3/2003
165. Wind in the Beechwood 1/3/2003
166. Wirers 1/3/2003
167. Wisdom 1/3/2003
168. Wonderment 1/3/2003
169. Wraiths 1/3/2003

I Stood With the Dead

I Stood with the Dead, so forsaken and still:
When dawn was grey I stood with the Dead.
And my slow heart said, 'You must kill, you must kill:
'Soldier, soldier, morning is red'.

On the shapes of the slain in their crumpled disgrace
I stared for a while through the thin cold rain...
'O lad that I loved, there is rain on your face,
'And your eyes are blurred and sick like the plain.'

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