Treasure Island

Silverinna Annastasia

(12/09/1995 / Elizabeth)

Poems of Silverinna Annastasia

1. An Angel 1/6/2012
2. Blurry Nightmare 2/6/2012
3. Heartbroken 2/17/2012
4. If You Could Change It (Would You Change It?) 5/21/2012
5. Lovely Flames 1/4/2012
6. My Fantastic Friend 2/5/2012
7. My Hope 2/6/2012
8. Our Love, 3/31/2012
9. Summer Field 1/6/2012
10. The Con Artist 3/31/2012
11. The Runaway 3/31/2012

Summer Field

Standing on a hill, watching the sun burn a brilliant gold.
The wonders never told.
She feels the suns rays on her fair cheeks and she smiles.
She came from far away to be here, she travelled miles.
And here she is, watching the Earth fall asleep once more.
She sat silently and cotently on the grasses floor.
Even in the summer, everything is warmer.
'Mama! ' a little girl cries, her precious daughter.
She turns and sees the golden rays have turned her daughters brown hair to a reddish au

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