Silverinna Annastasia

(12/09/1995 / Elizabeth)

Poems of Silverinna Annastasia

1. An Angel 1/6/2012
2. Blurry Nightmare 2/6/2012
3. Heartbroken 2/17/2012
4. If You Could Change It (Would You Change It?) 5/21/2012
5. Lovely Flames 1/4/2012
6. My Fantastic Friend 2/5/2012
7. My Hope 2/6/2012
8. Our Love, 3/31/2012
9. Summer Field 1/6/2012
10. The Con Artist 3/31/2012
11. The Runaway 3/31/2012

My Fantastic Friend

He is goofy, but caring.
He loves his jokes, but comforts me when I need him to.
I love his deep, yet, soft voice.
I love the way he laughs, because his happiness makes me happy.
He is much more than someone I know.
He is someone I trust, someone I believe in.
My friend, Johnathan.

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