Treasure Island

Silverinna Annastasia

(12/09/1995 / Elizabeth)

Poems of Silverinna Annastasia

1. An Angel 1/6/2012
2. Blurry Nightmare 2/6/2012
3. Heartbroken 2/17/2012
4. If You Could Change It (Would You Change It?) 5/21/2012
5. Lovely Flames 1/4/2012
6. My Fantastic Friend 2/5/2012
7. My Hope 2/6/2012
8. Our Love, 3/31/2012
9. Summer Field 1/6/2012
10. The Con Artist 3/31/2012
11. The Runaway 3/31/2012

Lovely Flames

Loving you always hurt me, but I could never stay away.
At first you pushed me away, but then you opened your arms to me.
It was easy, at first, because you let things sway.
But your true colours began to show and now I see.
You are the flame, and I am the moth.
Your flames were the brightest and I became your attraction.
I became your small, defenceless moth.
And I was too slow for a reaction.
I burned in your fire.

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