Simon Odhiambo

Biography of Simon Odhiambo

A Father, husband, a professional, a poet.
Passionate about life and strongly obsessive about poetry.
Poetry makes me say what I feel, how I feel it and when I feel like.
But who am I?

I smile, I read, I write, I walk, I see, I breath, I think, I thank, I pray, I believe, I manage, I advise, I love, I like, I give and sometimes...I cry

...I SMILE AGAIN... Updates

Those Days...

Yes, those days...
My heart would melt for you
For you, I would walk a long distance
Even if it meant nothing, but to see you once more
Yes! I remember those days with watery eyes

No mobile phones, no emails, no facebook
Yet we could communicate without a hitch
Know where to meet and when to chat

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