Counting Crows

All My Friends

Thought I might get a rocket ride
When I was a child
But it was a lie
That I told myself when I needed something good

At 17 had a better dream
Now I’m 33 and it isn’t me
But I’d think of something better if I could

All my friends and lovers
Will leave me behind
And I’m still looking for a girl
One way or another
I’m just hoping to find a way
A way to put my feet out in the world

Caught some grief from a falling leaf
As she tumbled to the dirty ground
And said I should have put her back there if I could

Well everyone needs a better day
And I’m trying to find me a better way
To get through the things I do and the things I should

All my friends and lovers
Will leave me alone
To try to have a little fun
One way or another
I just wish I had known
To go out walking in the sun
To find out if you were the one

Do you wanna come a little closer now
[? ]
Can you see her, waiting there
Can you see her, she’s almost there
Can you see her, waiting there for someone like me

Well all you want is a beauty queen
But not a superstar
But every body’s dream machine
All you want is a place to lay your head
You go to sleep dreamin’ how you would
Be a different kind if you thought you could
But you come awake the way you are instead

All my friends and lovers
They shine like the sun
Well I just turn and walk away
One way or another
I’m not comin’ undone
I’m just waiting for the day

All my friends

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