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Van Halen


Once embraced, can't ever be let go
Once revealed, can't ever be not shown
Once believed, can't ever lose faith
Once shared, can't ever be separate
Once sown
Once can't ever be not reaped
Like the dawn of a brand new day
With the power of deity
I can feel it inside of me
Feel it, can you feel it?
Once born, can't ever be not conceived
Once present, can't ever be past
Once first
Once can't ever be not everlast
Returning home of prodigal
Holding the intangible
To believe in a miracle
Believe it, can you believe it
Have you ever been touched?
Once really touched
Could it ever be too much?
Can you tell me?
Once seen, can't ever lose sight
Once dawn, can't ever be not light
Once, once felt, once felt
Can't ever be untouched
The assurance only hope can bring
With the conviction of the unseen
See it's greater than everything
See it, can you see it?
Have you ever been touched
Once really touched
Could it ever be too much?
Have you ever really touched, love once


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