Songs About / On: BEAUTY

In this page, songs on / about “beauty” are listed.
  • 41.
    What A Piece Of Work Is Man

    What a piece of work is man
    How noble in reason
    How infinite in faculties
    In form and moving
    How express and admirable read more »

    Various Artists
  • 42.
    Blood, Milk, Sky

    The siren sings a lonely song - of all the wants and hungers
    [of all the wants and hungers]
    The lust of love a brute desire - the ledge of life goes under
    [the ledge of life goes under]
    Divide the dream into the flesh - kaleidoscope and candle eyes
    [kaleidoscope and candle eyes]
    Empty winds scrape on the soul - but never stop to realize
    [but never stop to realize] read more »

    White Zombie
  • 43.
    Sleeping Beauty

    I believe I can cure it all for you, dear
    Coax or trick or drive or
    Drag the demons from you
    Make it right for you sleeping beauty
    Truly thought
    I can magically heal you read more »

    Perfect Circle
  • 44.

    I know a place
    Where the visitor always stays
    Beauty runs 'em down
    When they chance to cross that way
    Through the night I hear that strain read more »

    Meat Puppets
  • 45.
    Fat Boys & Ugly Girls

    Music by elton john
    Lyrics by bernie taupin
    Released as a b-side in 1992

    Fat boys cry when ugly girls sing
    About the way the world would be if they were thin
    And ugly girls turn their heads when fat boys laugh
    About the handsome kid next door who broke their heart
    Who broke their heart
    Broke their heart read more »

    Elton John
  • 46.
    Beauty on The Tv-screen

    She she is the appetite my appetite for love
    And I know that she is comin´ that she is comin´ from above
    Everytime I see her I just can´t get enough
    She is cute she is pretty and sometimes she is tough read more »

    Lou Bega
  • 47.
    Beauty & The Mess

    Blue waters blue eyes color me
    If any could come this close I’d let them see
    Get it out again and play ’em one more song
    It’s all they really want and who’s to say that’s wrong read more »

    Nickel Creek
  • 48.
    Heart And Soul

    It's in the rhythm of a dancer
    And every standard flag unfurled
    It's in the bride's eternal answer
    And every child across the world
    Chorus: read more »

  • 49.
    Where We Go

    I know he walks in beauty,
    along the shores where I go to play
    we hide away there,
    where no one can find us.
    Two intwined into one, read more »

    Hastings Matt
  • 50.
    Electric Light

    The beauty of her under electric light
    The beauty of her under electric light
    Tears my heart out every time
    Dawn there waiting, right outside
    Dawn there waiting, right outside read more »

    Harvey Pj
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