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Songs About / On: BELIEVE

In this page, songs on / about “believe” are listed.
  • 61.
    Believe in You

    Somewhere there’s a river
    Looking for a stream
    Somewhere there’s a dreamer
    Looking for a dream
    Somewhere there’s a drifter
    Trying to find his way
    Somewhere someone’s waiting
    To hear somebody say
    Chorus read more »

    Amanda Marshall
  • 62.
    If You Believe in Me

    (stewart gray/todd kennedy/additional lyrics by m.fautex & myles goodwyn)
    Published by hello holly music/keppel music publishing/frankly blond music/socan - bmi read more »

    April Wine
  • 63.
    Believe in Life

    By eric clapton
    When the world has seen the light
    At the beginning of the day,
    You will let me call your name,
    ’cause I love you more than light,
    And it will always be this way
    As long as I believe in life. read more »

    Eric Clapton
  • 64.
    God Part Ii

    Don’t believe the devil
    I don’t believe his book
    But the truth is not the same
    Without the lies he made up
    Don’t believe in excess,
    Success is to give
    Don’t believe in riches,
    But you should see where I live
    I...i believe in love read more »

  • 65.
    God Part Ii

    Don't believe the devil I don't believe the book
    But the truth is not the same without the lies he made up
    I don't believe in excess sucess is to give
    I don't believe in riches but you should see where I live
    I... I believe in love read more »

    U 2
  • 66.
    Love Sets You Free

    Featuring / montell jordan, sisqo, case,
    Dru hill, blackstreet, babyface,
    Tamar braxton, kandice love,
    Aaron hall & lov her read more »

    Kelly Price
  • 67.
    Believe in Angels

    Where the silence falls
    There the river runs deep
    Where the shadow ends
    So begins the dream
    Where the hunger leads me
    It’s hard to believe
    I’ll be lost to you read more »

    Heather Nova
  • 68.
    Morning Light

    Once upon a time I was a young man always knew what I wanted to do
    These times were still the best as I remember
    Cause nothing was impossible to me
    Then one day I met you and I still wonder
    How you could make my dreams come through so fast read more »

  • 69.
    She's Like The Wind

    She's like the wind to my dreams
    She rides tonight next to me
    She leads me to moonlight
    Only to burn me in the sun
    She's taking my heart
    She doesn't know what she does read more »

    Patrick Swayze (dirty Dancing Soundtrack)
  • 70.
    I Believe In You And Me

    I believe in you and me
    I believe that we will be in love eternally
    As far as I can see
    You will always be, the one, for me
    Oh, yes, you will, I believe in dreams again
    I believe that love will never end
    And like the river finds the sea read more »

    Whitney Houston
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