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  • 41.
    Ghosts Of The Night

    (Matt Thomas/The Mavis's - Mushroom)
    Build a moat and sink the boat
    so no-one can come ashore
    everybody needs some air
    a temple they can choose to share read more »

  • 42.
    Look At Mary

    Mary's boat has sprung a leak
    Snd she's told she won't finish the race
    Her mind intent on getting home
    She never slows her pace
    Chorus: read more »

  • 43.
    The Water is Wide

    The water is wide
    I can’t cross over
    And neither have
    I wings to fly
    Build me a boat
    That can carry two
    And both shall row
    My love and i read more »

    James Taylor
  • 44.

    You’re on a wide open ocean
    No one around you for miles
    Your thinkin’ of drinkin’ on water
    While you’re sailing the nile read more »

    Gwen Stefani
  • 45.
    Ups & Downs

    If you can’t feel it keep on tryin’,
    ’cause that’s the way it’s got to be. yeah, yeah, yeah.
    It’s comin’ down and I ain’t buyin’,
    It’s gonna’ take a long time, to catch up with me. read more »

    Grand Funk Railroad
  • 46.
    Sea of Joy

    By steve winwood

    Following the shadows of the skies,
    Or are they only figments of my eyes?
    And I’m feeling close to when the race is run.
    Waiting in our boats to set sail.
    Sea of joy. read more »

    Eric Clapton
  • 47.
    Drunken Boat

    Down to the sea in a drunken boat
    No one can get to her tearing up the words she wrote
    Down impassable rivers
    What does she care for a crew
    Light as a cork she is dancing read more »

    Smith Kendra
  • 48.
    Caledonia Soul Music

    This one’s called
    Soul music

    Starts out like this
    It gets
    Gets low read more »

    Van Morrison
  • 49.
    Speak English Or Die

    You come into this country
    You cant get real jobs
    Boats, and boats, and boats of you
    Go home you fuckin slobs
    Sellin hot dogs on the corner
    Sellin papers in the street
    Pushing, pulling, digging, sweating
    Where you come from must be beat read more »

    Stormtroopers Of Death
  • 50.

    Took a boat sunday, down by the sea
    It just felt so nice, you and me
    We didn’t have a problem or a care
    And all around was silence, everywhere read more »

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