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  • 11.
    Münchhaussen ( Just Chaos! )

    just chaos!maybe he liked to bragdid he invent himselfhe lives till the end of timeoh münchhausen was a son of a gunhe had his share of wild adventures read more »

    Ace Of Base
  • 12.
    Plague Bearer

    Contamination - spreads throughout the world
    Contagious evil - now that chaos takes its hold

    Sadistic torture - warps your earthly form
    Your blood now curdles - now to be reborn read more »

    Bolt Thrower
  • 13.
    Of Chaos And Eternal Night

    By the wind and by time, by everything that flees
    A torment of my liking: exploring extremes
    All thoughts secluded as fear stalks its blooded soil
    In the winding path where a chain now rattles
    With links merely death can break read more »

    Dark Tranquillity
  • 14.
    Of Chaos & Eternal Night

    This is a tale long to live but alas so short to tell
    By the wind and by time, by everything that flees
    A torment of my liking: exploring extremes read more »

    Dark Tranquility
  • 15.
    T/False Fiction

    they guarantee our freedom but freedom isn't real
    unless you know Christ you won't know how i feel
    inflections of the way things were supposed to be
    the mental disorder of our society
    false finite ways of thinking
    false fiction they're believing
    entropy is still promoting chaos
    it's chaos, it's your loss
    maybe this world has stopped thinking
    maybe all their minds are shrinking
    your failed system is inducing chaos
    it's chaos, it's your loss
    building, moving forward never looking back
    taking what the world has offered, but you forgot the pack
    common sense,logic,science, a humble self esteem
    live to die and die to gain, abort the selfish scene read more »

  • 16.
    In The Kingdom Of The Blind The One-eyed Are Kings

    If it were within,
    within our power
    beyond the reach
    of slavish pride,
    to no-longer
    harbour grievances
    behind the mask's
    opportunists facade, read more »

    Dead Can Dance
  • 17.
    Chaos Without Prophecy

    The quest for Azunda hath drown near
    The young king, the chaos he brings
    With iron grip's sword, chants come forth
    The child of dark is he read more »

    Dimmu Borgir
  • 18.
    Blood Follows The Blood

    Shades of darkness, staring at my misery
    Blood follows the blood, my fate has already been sealed
    Corridors of pleasure, a passage to hell it seems
    Where am I, what have I done, to be here in this place. read more »

  • 19.
    Return Of The Old Ones

    Here in the darkness
    Black Well of Chaos
    Boiling before my eyes
    In here the dead rise
    Out of the Cauldron
    Evil that never dies read more »

    Manilla Road
  • 20.

    Just chaos!

    Maybe he like to brag
    Did he invent himself
    He live ’till the end of time read more »

    Ace of Base
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